DBS Credit Card Promotions in Singapore

Latest DBS Credit Card Promotions, Deals, Offers, Discounts and Cashback 2017.

Choosing a credit card maybe one of the most difficult decisions adults make in their life. With so many options out there and rewards programs to consider, it is tempting to just think of getting them all and reap all the rewards that you can get.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Out of the hundreds of credit card choices, you can only choose one or two. Depending on your spending habits and lifestyle. Since we're talking about credit cards now, might as well consider getting a DBS Credit Card. As it's one of Singapore's biggest banks, they have the one of the best offers that are worth your bang in the buck.

Certainly, the DBS credit card privileges are one of the reasons why most Singaporeans prefer DBS credit card. From dining and buffet deals, affordable travel packages, to rewards for every dollar spent, there is no doubt that DBS credit card should be on top of your list. And with the Chinese New Year happening in a few days, for sure you'll find excellent deals out there with DBS credit cards.

DBS Dining Promos Singapore

Asians are known for delectable cuisines and the restaurants to choose from in Singapore can be overwhelming at times. There are just so many options out there, it’s just difficult to decide where to go. But with a DBS credit card in hand, choosing is made easier as you’ll get exclusive offers and discounts for any cuisines you feel like eating. May it be Japanese, Thai, or European cuisine, dining out in Singapore is truly something to look forward to.

For times you don’t feel like going out and just want to invite guests over for dinner, why not avail Amici's 20% discount for fancy dining with your DBS credit card? This way, you don't have to worry about your menu and whipping up dinner as Amici has it all covered. They will even provide the glassware and porcelain so you don't have to shed a sweat. Or if you are looking for other catering options, enjoy 15% off your first order from CaterSpot just by using the promo code DBSPOSB15 and paying with your DBS Credit Card.

DBS Buffet Promos Singapore

Feel like splurging on buffet? Enjoy up to 50% off at Atrium. Just make sure you present your credit card upon payment to enjoy the discount. Don't forget to make reservations as well as the place is always packed with other food lovers.

It doesn't really matter if you're going to lunch buffet or dinner buffet, as DBS Credit Card sure has promotions you can avai. Indulge at the Fullerton Hotel's buffet without feeling guilty, as you can 20% off when availing their lunch buffet. Or even 1 person dining for free for every 3 paying adults.

DBS 1-for-1 Promos Singapore

If your date is a food lover as well and loves buffet as much as you do, then the 1-for-1 exclusive promos for DBS credit card holders' totally for you.

Perfetto Cafe is offering 1-for-1 main course if you own a DBS credit card. However, as the promo name implies, this is only limited to main course including a selection of Burgers and Pastas from their menu. If you're planning to avail this promo, make sure that you make a reservation at least a day before your planned date as per the restaurant's policy. And most importantly, don't forget to bring your credit card with you when you get there.

DBS Shopping Promos Singapore

When you get bitten by the shopping bug, there's just no stopping you. Whether or not an item is on sale, as long as you feel like you need it (even though most of the time you won't), you'll buy it. Good news for DBS credit card holders is, especially the shopaholic ones, there are deals and promotions offered exclusively for them.

If you love bags and just can't seem to get enough of them, the 25% discount from regular-priced items at Tocco Toscano is just for you. You don't even have to go their shop to avail this exclusive offer because you can do it at the comfort of your own home. Just log onto their website and enter the promo code 'TOSCNY25' when shopping online.

DBS Entertainment Promos Singapore

If you're more of a movie buff or live for the entertainment, DBS credit card is one of the best credit cards in Singapore offering the best deals out there for you.

Feeling a bit adventurous and trying something you've never experienced before? Then iFly Singapore is for you. First timers get to enjoy 10% off their tickets purchased at iFly Singapore, Sentosa. Make sure though that you use your ticket on the same day of purchase as cancellation of bookings will have a 100% cancellation fee imposed, and rebooking will cost $30  per flyer.

DBS Lifestyle and Arts Promos Singapore

Want to feel relaxed and fabulous without spending too much? For sure there are lifestyle promos and rewards you get for being a DBS Credit Card holder.

Enjoy 50% discount on express manicure at Nail Palace. Or if you feel sore and just need time to get away from it all, you can avail the 30% spa services at Amarin. There's a whole lot more promos and packages that you can enjoy just by being a DBS Credit card holder.

DBS Travel Promos Singapore

Ever plan of doing a random staycation on a weekend but expensive hotel rates keeping you from doing it? Good thing DBS credit cards offer irresistible hotel packages and rates.

Get as much as 15% discount with every booking at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. Or choose from Starwood Hotel or Hotel Kai and enjoy as much as 20% discount for a night's stay. The choice is totally up to you. Or if you feel like going for a vacation in another country, you can also avail the 10 to 15% discount for every Agoda or Expedia hotel booking.

DBS Automotive Promos Singapore

Automotive deals and promotions offered by DBS credit cards can come in different forms of transportation. And we all know how transport costs take up a huge chunk from your monthly salary, so it is totally understandable why we always go for the best deals we can get.

If you suddenly feel like a change after relying on public transportation because you don't own a car, you can get $20 off your first car rental booking with Drive.sg. You can also save $10 for every subsequent car rentals as well by using the promo code 'DBSDRIVE16' whenever you make a booking.

We can be frugal with our hard-earned money most of the time, but we should also remember that there's nothing wrong to splurge every now and then especially if it's from the rewards and promos we exclusively get from DBS Credit cards. Just make sure you're always on the watch for deals and packages so you can get your money's worth.

Keeping track of deals and promotions offered by different credit card providers can be hard and confusing most of the time. Sometimes, you’ll even forget about them until the day before they expire. With Cardable, you can simply compile all available credit card promotions in one platform. And, they’re even updated daily. So there’s no more need to worry about DBS credit card promotions expiring.

How to Redeem or Avail Credit Card Promo Offers with UOB

If you decide to avail or redeem a promo. Make sure to double check information such as expiration, promo period or redemption period to make sure that you do not miss the dates. Proceed further and contact the merchant or visit them for fulfillment.