Coffee Credit Cards Singapore

Best Credit Cards for Coffee Lovers in Singapore 2017

How to make the most of your morning coffee fix!

Today, we are going to discuss how to maximise cost effectiveness in getting your daily cup of coffee, and the ideal credit cards for coffee addicts.

I wasn’t always addicted. I was curious, the smell was amazing and friends kept encouraging me to try it.

My Coffee Addiction

My first encounter with it was when I was in university in my final semester. In that semester, there were too many books to read, endless papers to write and never enough time despite camping in the school library from morning to night. It started with just a small amount and my thirst for it slowly grew.

In time to come I was hooked.

If I started my day without it, I would find myself explicitly tired and drained.

And that my friends, was how my coffee addiction started.

Coffee is a strange thing. When you drink a little of it, you find its bitter taste unappealing. But drink it more often and in time to come, you start appreciating its dark, robust nature. Growing up, I found black coffee not to my liking and constantly preferred tea’s light and fragrant aroma. I started gulping tonnes of it for its magical properties of caffeine in order to stay awake in school. My addiction was further reinforced during my first job; while pouring through endless legal documents and law statutes, I again turned to coffee to stay alert.

The Damage

I now need to start the day with the fragrant aroma of coffee. This aroma however comes with a price. A good cup of latte costs between $4.50 to $7.00.

Just last month, I was shocked by how much I spend on coffee monthly- a whopping $80!

2 best Credit Cards for Coffee
2 best Credit Cards for Coffee

With the new year, I strengthened my resolve to tighten my belt. I have been chided by many to embrace my local Singaporean roots and to down a more cost-effective cup of kopi instead. But ultimately my tongue prefers the sweetness and acidity of the arabica beans over the robusta’s strong aftertaste.

2 Credit Cards for Coffee Addicts that help save money

Imagine my delight then when I realised I could have my cup of tea, oh I meant coffee and still save money. How you ask? By using 2 credit cards for my coffee purchases- Citibank SMRT credit card and UOB YOLO credit card. Read our 2 easy steps in our infographic!

2 best Credit Cards for Coffee
2 best Credit Cards for Coffee- the secret calculations to saving on your starbucks coffee

How about saving yourself some money today with these 2 credit cards for your coffee purchases – Citibank SMRT credit card and UOB YOLO credit card.

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Written by Lydia Lok

Lydia loves credit cards and air miles because they have brought her to Barcelona and Japan. As a result, she is passionate about educating friends and everyone else about how they can maximise their credit cards’ rewards. In her former life, she was a government servant who dealt with policies regarding social issues and businesses. Lydia is now a social entrepreneur involved in business development, and Children’s phonics and literacy. She lives in Singapore with a fluffy Sheltie named Lemon and a non-fluffy husband named Shuohan.

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