3 Secrets on How to Maximise AMEX True Cashback Card

AMEX True Cashback Credit Card Review, Key Features and Privileges in Singapore


The AMEX True Cashback Card is said to be one of the top cashback credit cards in Singapore. According to many user reviews of the American Express® True Cashback Card, AMEX has outdone itself with this card.

It’s safe to say that the outstanding accomplishment is because of the card’s two main cashback offers. First, a 3% cashback is up for grabs for a limited period. Second, you can enjoy unlimited 1.5% cashback.

The 3% cashback is a lot. For example, you buy a brand new LED TV that costs S$5,000, and you pay for it using AMEX Cashback card. With the 3% cashback offer, S$150 gets returned to you. Overall, the money you put in for the purchase is just S$4,850.

And, even if the AmEX True Cashback 3% cashback promo ever expires, you’ll still get to enjoy 1.5% cashback for an unlimited period, anyway.

What’s more, from now till 31 December 2020, you can even enjoy an additional 1% Cashback on your recurring bills for selected essential services when you pay with this card. 


Here are some secrets on how to make sure you get the upper hand.

#1 – Buy more items during the first six-month period.

As mentioned, you can receive the AMEX True Cashback Card 3% cashback for a limited period. This limited period takes place in the first six months upon approval. Up to S$5,000 cashback can be yours during this period. So, if you’re planning to have a shopping spree and take home loads of items, take note of the 3% cashback offer during the initial six-month period.

If the six-month period ends, don’t let it be a big deal. As a True Cashback Card holder, you’re eligible to receive 1.5% cashback on all your spending. Rest assured that 1.5% cashback is applicable to ALL of your spending. This means that you can pay for utilities, shop for groceries, buy new items under Home Decors, get more clothes, and more!

#2 – Use the card for dining.

When you’re dining, you should take out your AMEX Cashback Card to pay for your meal and the restaurant service. This is because you will receive cashback – 3% or 1.5% cashback. This is also because you can get a big discount on your meal.

As an AMEX True Cashback Card holder, you get to enjoy the offers of American Express Selects. American Express Selects is a programme that lets you avail of discounts when you dine at top-class restaurants worldwide. The list of restaurants includes IndoChine Group and Creative Eateries.

One of the coolest things about the dining privilege offered to you as a True Cashback Card holder? The privilege is yours to enjoy all year round! So, wherever you are and whenever you want to dine at a top-class restaurant, bring your True Cashback Card with you!

#3 – Learn about all of the redeemable reward items.

According to many existing AMEX True Cashback Card holders, there are times when AMEX reward items are too ordinary. Case in point: there is no redeemable travel vacation package.

This means that the cardholders could simply buy a particular reward item, rather than exchange hard-earned points for it. This also means that there’s nothing grand to be excited about.

Well, many reviews point this out, too. But, you can work your way around this. There’s a secret.

The secret is to wait for the right reward item to redeem. The list is updated regularly. So, don’t worry.

The Ultimate Secret: Getting 100% Advantage with AMEX True Cashback Card

The ultimate secret to maximising the AMEX True Cashback Card rewards is to become familiar with all the offers. Alongside, know about all the terms and conditions.

Once you do these things, you may not be missing out on all the exclusive deals. More importantly, once you do these things, you should have no problem using the card as wisely as possible.

If you’re a frequent shopper, this cashback card is great for you. From the cashback, you can enjoy huge savings!

The AMEX True Cashback Card annual fee might be a small concern for cardholders. The fee is S$171.20. Sure, you get to avail of a waiver on the first year. But, a fee of more than S$150 per year can be a lot to handle.

On the other hand, if shouldering the annual fee is not going to be a problem, it’s pretty hard to come up with a reason not to apply for the irresistible offer by American Express.

To get started with the credit card application, check out the American Express website. One of the requirements is proof of S$30,000 annual income (minimum). If you can easily present the right documents, you’re about to be an AMEX Cashback Card holder pretty soon.

What do you think of AMEX True Cashback Card? Do you agree (or disagree) about the fact that it’s considered as one of the best cashback cards? Do share your thoughts with us!



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