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1-for-1 Dining Deals and Buffet Promos in Singapore 2017

One for One Dining Deals in Singapore 2017

Last updated on Jun 19, 2017 @ 1:37 am.

Best deals, percentage discounts, freebies and most especially, 1-for-1 deals are just around the corner of Singapore! These deals can be found in just a click and can be enjoyed with your friends, your family and loved ones or even just yourself! We have listed down below some really good restaurants where you can get 1-for-1 deal with DBS, OCBC, UOB, Citibank, AMEX and Maybank credit cards.

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Indonesian food is some of the best in South East Asia, and it can be rather hard to locate a good restaurant, which serves not only tasty, but also authentic Indonesian food. With the Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant, however, you’ll need not look further. The restaurant has received multiple awards over the years, and for good reason. At Kintamani, you will the find absolute best of Halal Indonesian cuisine. Feeling hungry? There’s a delectable buffet spread available to quell your stomach. Try their best selling Beef Rendang and sweet Lupis for your dessert. You’re sure to be leaving Kintamani satisfied. What’s more, if you happen to be a UOB card-holder, bring a date and enjoy a 1-for-1 buffet lunch and dinner! Avail of the once in a lifetime promotion, before it’s too late.

Promotion: 1-for-1 buffet lunch and dinner | with UOB Cards

Location: 405 Havelock Road Singapore 169633, Singapore

Tiffany Café and Restaurant

If you happen to find yourself staying at the Furama City Centre, why not dine at the Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant? The restaurant serves an incredibly large selection of dishes from a myriad of different cultures and regions- you’ll feel as if you’re travelling the world. You’ll be able to enjoy an amazing value for your money, especially with the 1-for-1 buffet lunch and dinner promotions available for OCBC, AMEX, and UOB cardholders! Their tastiest dishes are the large sushi selections as well as the decadent chocolate fondue, so be sure to try them out when you visit the Tiffany Cafe and Restaurant!

Promotion: 1-for-1 buffet lunch and dinner | with OCBC, AMEX & UOB Cards

Location: 60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore

Sun’s Café, Hotel Grand Pacific

The Hotel Grand Pacific is not only a great hotel to stay at, they also host a wonderful dining option- the Sun’s Cafe. Singapore is a country which is a host to literally hundreds of amazing gourmet dining options, and the Sun’s Cafe happens to be one of the best. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, most noticeably being their authentic Peranakan cuisine. The cafe is most especially known for their mouthwatering curry chicken and impeccably served pig stomach dish, so both are a definite must-try if you choose to visit. Want to visit the Sun’s Cafe, but happen to be on a tight budget? Worry not, because if you happen to be a UOB cardholder, you have the ability to avail of a 1-for-1 Peranakan Buffet Lunch & Dinner- so don’t miss out!

Promotion: 1-for-1 Peranakan Buffet Lunch & Dinner (Mon – Sun) | with UOB Cards

Location: 101 Victoria Street, Hotel Grand Pacific, Singapore 188018

Red Tail Bar

Looking for a cool bar for some fun with friends? Don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best, and go for the Red Tail Bar at the Singapore Pub Crawl! Choose from a long list of different spirits and dishes to go alongside them. Want to party but don’t want that sinking feeling of regret the morning after? If you happen to be a DBS or POSB card holder, then leave all your worries behind. The Red Tail Bar offers a great promo, a 1-for-1 beer/and or house pour loose drinks for said cards! Take the chance to try out their well-received cocktails and wines.

Promotion: 1-for-1 beer and/or house pour loose drinks | with DBS & POSB Cards

Location: 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery , Singapore

Philly Shack

It’s hard to find a single person in the world who doesn’t enjoy a good, melty cheesesteak. If you want the best cheesesteak in town (perhaps even the entire country!) then make your way over to The Philly Shack at Clarke Quay- a place dedicated to the delicious dish. You have all the more reason to indulge, because UOB cardholders can avail of an amazing 1-for-1 Mains deal up till the 1st of March. Two cheesesteaks are far better than one, after all. Try one of their mouthwatering, bestselling cheesesteaks- and don’t be afraid to customize your order!

Promotion: 1-for-1 Mains | with UOB Cards

Location: 3A River Valley Road #01-01B Clarke Quay, Singapore, Singapore

Atrium Restaurant

If you’re going to splurge at a buffet, why not make sure it’s worth it? The Atrium Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore definitely is. The restaurant features a wide variety of dishes from different cultures, as well as a kids’ buffet section perfect for the little ones’ taste. Try out their specialty Singaporean cuisine, as well as their fresh from the waters seafood! There’s no need to think twice about treating yourself and your friends and family, because the Atrium Restaurant has a great promotion for Citibank cardholders to avail of! Get a 1-for-1 Buffet lunch, dinner or weekend high-tea when you visit the restaurant before the 31st of December, 2017.

Promotion: 1-for-1 Buffet Lunch, Dinner & Weekend High-Tea  | with Citibank Cards

Location: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317 Outram Road, Singapore

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Window on the Park Restaurant

In a place like Singapore, seafood is bound to be delicious. Eat and choose from a large selection of dishes at the Window on the Park Restaurant. When you visit, make sure to try out their acclaimed seafood dishes such as the oysters, as well as delicious Singaporean laksa and durian pengat. Delicious food always becomes more delicious when you eat them during great promotions. Have a Citibank card? Now’s your chance to avail of a rare deal at the Window on the Park Restaurant, the 1-for-1 Lunch & Dinner buffet. What’s more to wait for? Stop being patient, and treat yourself with amazing seafood dishes.

Promotion: 1-for-1 Lunch & Dinner Buffet | with Citibank Cards

Location: 11 Cavenagh Road Singapore Orchard City Centre Singapore 229616, Singapore

Marriott Cafe, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

If complete and utter excellence in cuisine is what you’re looking for, then the Mariott Cafe might just be the perfect buffet for your tastes. The restaurant is said to be the freshest in Singapore! You’ll find the tastiest of seafood available for consumption, from oysters, crayfish, to prawns. Eat to your heart’s content with no guilt attached if you’re an OCBC cardholder! Enjoy a 1-for-1 buffet lunch or dinner and be sure to have a taste of their specialties- the Singaporean Chilli Crab, Chicken Rice, or perhaps the Sticky Date Pudding to satisfy your sweet tooth. Take your time to savor the selections from the seafood and hot buffet lines!

Promotion: 1-for-1 buffet lunch or dinner | with OCBC Cards

  • Expires 31 July 2017
  • Maximum of 8 person per card
  • View Promo Details: Marriott Cafe

Location: 320 Orchard Rd, Marriott Café, Lobby Lvl, Singapore, Singapore

ibis Singapore Novena

Can’t decide whether you want to have a delicious Asian or International-themed meal? Worry not, because the ibis Singapore Novena just so happens to serve both! It’s advisable to eat with a date or friend, because UOB cardholders are able to avail of an amazing promotion until the end of August- a 1-for-1 Main course deal! Be sure to try as many dishes as you possibly can, because they all taste fit for a king, be it their pastas, grilled dishes, local cuisine and more. You’ll be satisfied at the ibis Singapore Novena, without a doubt.

Promotion: 1-for-1 Main Course (Mon – Sun, 5pm to 10pm) | with UOB Cards

Location: Ibis Singapore Novena 6 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore

Rattana Thai Restaurant

Delicious, authentic Thai restaurants are rather difficult to come by nowadays, but your search is over with the Rattana Thai Restaurant, a location that not only serves hearty fresh Thai dishes, but are also marked at an incredibly affordable price point. It only gets even more affordable if you’re an AMEX cardholder, because you’re free to avail of their promotion: a 1-for-1 on a la carte dishes deal. While you’re there, make sure to have a taste of all their signature dishes, such as the famous Pad Thai, Tom Yam Fried Rice, Lemon Chilli Squid and Mango Sticky Rice. With a single bite of one of their dishes, you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled all the way to the Land of Smiles.

Promotion: 1-for-1 on à la carte dishes | AMEX Cards

Location:  1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore

The Square – Furama Riverfront Singapore

Craving for the best of both worlds? The Square at the Furama Riverfront Singapore delivers. The restaurant promises to bring you the best culinary gems from both the East and the West, all in one classy location. Don’t expect anything less that the best from The Square, because they’ve been voted one of Singapore’s Top Restaurants for multiple years. Enjoy their famous sushi, prawns, and tuna, prepared by experienced top Singaporean chefs. All the dishes are authentic, so you’ll feel as if you’re travelling the world when you eat at The Square. And the best part? UOB, DBS and Maybank cardholders get an amazing 1-for-1 buffet lunch and dinner promo, available till the 31 December of 2017. Don’t miss out!

Promotion: 1-for-1 buffet lunch and dinner | with Maybank, UOB and DBS Cards

Location: 405 Havelock Road Singapore 169633, Singapore

The Song of India

The Song of India is a restaurant which has received a Michelin star, and it certainly is no wonder why, what with the amazing authentic Indian cuisine they serve up at a drop of a hat, as well as their incredibly classy interiors that make you feel as if you’re dining in a castle. Looking for elegant, modern cuisine? This is the right place for you. Want to eat the very best that money can buy but worried about the state of your wallet? No need to be, if you’re a Maybank cardholder. Bring someone along, because you’ll be able to avail of a 1-for-1 lunch buffet promotion up till the 31 of December. While you’re there, make sure to try out their specialties, such as the Naan, Mango Kulfi, and Goan Fish Curry. Wait no longer, and make your way over to The Song of India restaurant.

Promotion: 1-for-1 Lunch Buffet (U.P. S$38++) | with Maybank Cards

Location: 33 Scotts Road, Singapore 228226, Singapore

Waterfall Lounge, Furama RiverFront Singapore

The Furama RiverFront Singapore doesn’t only offer delicious dishes, they also serve up fresh tasty drinks you and your friends or family are sure to enjoy- especially if one or more of you happen to be UOB cardholders. Why? Because with the UOB card, you’ll be able to avail of a 1-for-1 promotion on house pour beverages all day, till the 31st of December. The Waterfall Lounge is perfect for any mood, be it a cup of hot coffee to calm your nerves or some fruity cocktails- the Waterfall Lounge will deliver the best. Try their relaxing coffees or a tall glass of delicious wine when you visit.

Promotion: 1-for-1 promotion on house pour beverages all-day | with UOB Cards

Location: 405 Havelock Road Singapore 169633, Singapore

The Dining Room, Sheraton Towers

The Dining Room at the Sheraton Towers is one of the most romantic, serene restaurants you’ll ever have the chance to visit in your lifetime. If you’re a Maybank cardholder, you’ll have all the more reason to visit. That’s because they’re offering a limited 1-for-1 lunch or dinner buffet up till the 30th of September, exclusively for Maybank. The Dining room is a great place if you prefer a cosier, quieter environment. Don’t think only the ambience is of good quality, because their buffet selections are definitely up to par with the exterior. Their must-try famous signature dishes are the Crabmeat Fried Rice, Sheraton Laksa, and for dessert: Aloe Vera Jelly and Mud Pie.

Promotion: 1-for-1 Lunch/Dinner Buffet | with Maybank Cards

Location: Sheraton Towers Singapore, 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230, Singapore

The Daily Roundup

Craving for something sweet? With a delicious dessert crepe, one can never go wrong. The Daily Roundup just so happens to serve the most decadent sweet crepes, and at a promotion, too! If you happen to have a UOB credit card, well swipe away! That’s because The Daily Roundup is offering a 1-for-1 sweet crepes deal, ready for you to avail of. Treat yourself to their delicious light yet satisfying crepes, all made with fresh and premium ingredients. Not sure what to order? The Salted Caramel Crepe and Chocolate Crepe are popular selections. Satiate your sweet tooth at The Daily Roundup today!

Promotion: 1-for-1 sweet crêpes (Mon – Fri) | with UOB Cards

Location: 1 Keong Saik Road #01-02, Singapore, Singapore

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