Back-to-School Promotions: All You Need for a New School Term in Singapore

Back-to-School Promotions on essentials and supplies

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School re-opens for most kids in Singapore on 2 January 2019, unless you are a tertiary student. Parents, if you have a school-going kid, it’s not too late to check off your list for school supplies and essentials! Whether you need to get Back-to-School stuff for pre-schoolers, primary, secondary or college and tertiary students or even teachers, stock up with these promotions with supplies that can last you an entire semester! 

If you are a tertiary student, you might want to get a new hard disk drive to back up all your hard work during the school term! Or even some new spiffy shoes to match your new ‘back to school’ outfits? This is a good time to buy during the year-end sale in preparation for the new school year ahead. Brands such as Apple, Seagate and Microsoft are offering some great promotions for students to help you get ready for your needs as a tertiary student so be sure to check them out.

Here are some great platforms that you can check out for all Back-to-School essentials and promotions!


From ergonomic school bags to even Bata school shoes, Lazada is a one-stop shop where you can get all your child’s Back-to-School essentials. With various brands’ official stores now available at LazMall, you can be sure that whatever you are buying is authentic.

However, do check that the items that you are carting out are from local sellers so they can arrive just in time for the new school year. There are always some promotions going on at Lazada so be sure to apply the codes here before you check out your cart. 


What’s good to get: 

  • Stationery like crayons, colour pencils, highlighters, pens, writing pencils, paint, paintbrushes and more from LazMall’s official store brands like Crayola, Stabilo and Pentel
  • School shoes from Bata 
  • Kids Multivitamins and supplements from Blackmores
  • For tertiary students, laptops from Microsoft, Dell and portable Hard-disks from Seagate and more. 



If you are an avid online shopper, read about the credit cards most suitable for online shopping in Singapore to get the most out of your purchases. Your wallet will thank you!

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Back To School Shopping 101

Whether you need to get stationery, art supplies, school bags, water bottles or even hard-disk drives or laptops, there’s surely something suitable for you at great savings in this Back To School promotion.

If you are a parent, you might be secretly glad that school is re-opening soon so that the kids get to head back to school and be occupied with their time, or you might be anxious about getting your child ready for the new school term.

For pre-preschoolers, there might not be so much to prepare but don’t forget name labels for their essentials. You can also get stationery such as pencils, colour pencils, notebooks and even art supplies such as paint for those take-home projects.


For the primary and secondary school-going kids, have you gotten their new school bags, water bottle or even new school shoes? Essentials like stationery or files, folders and notebooks and even socks will come in handy throughout the year. While they might not need these for the start of the new term, these are useful items to have around.

For the tertiary students, you can check out some really cool backpacks at Zalora to ease your load as school starts. In anticipation with the the late nights and stress, you might also want to prepare some skin care and beauty essentials to get you through the semester. Freezing lecture halls? It’s the best time to arm yourself with a warm jacket so that you can concentrate better!

πŸ€ΉπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Tips to Cope with the New School Year

We know that having a school-going kid at home can get really expensive. All the little things start to add up – books, textbooks, readers, school supplies, excursion fees, enrichment classes, school uniforms, socks, shoes, bags and more. While the expenses can get quite overwhelming sometimes, especially in the first semester where there is much to prepare. With the anticipation of a brand new school year, this is also a great time to take advantage of the year-end sales and back to school promotions to get ready or to stock up on some necessities. Some essentials will definitely come in handy during the academic year.

Your child might be anxious so do take some time to (patiently) prepare and assure them. Even the most seasoned school-goer will feel some kind of jitters after the month’s long school holidays and especially after the festive season, just like how we feel when we head back to work too.

You might want prepare a small treat or two for these little ones as they get used to the idea of school all over again. Stickers or Magic Markers make simple rewards – It doesn’t take much for the little ones to be happy. For the older kids, simple gifts like puzzles, new non-school related books or even card games can take their mind off the stress of the new term and get them to relax their mind. While they should be on the ball and focus on their studies as school re-opens, it is also important to teach them how to relax and also develop their other skills apart from academics.

As for parents, it’s time to get back into the groove and back into a routine. While the students are the ones mugging their hearts out, it’s not easy on the parents so you might want to consider getting some chicken essence to help you maintain the energy and focus both at work and home! Remember that you need to take care of yourself in order to provide the best for your children.

While it is a stressful time to be students in Singapore, parents (especially mummies!) deserve some time-out too. Take some alone time to re-organise your thoughts, be back feeling refreshed and fully present for your children – that is the best present for them. Even an hour’s long massage or facial will do wonders for a frazzled mum. Vaniday is a great beauty and spa platform you can check out as it allows you to book and manage your appointments all online without having to take time out from your busy schedule to make a phonecall.

πŸ’― Stay in the know!

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