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Bakerzin Promotions 2018

Check out Bakerzin’s range of mooncakes for 2018’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Popular amongst locals for their classical French style creations and modern take on traditional favourites, Bakerzin is a familiar household name in Singapore. Every festive season sees Bakerzin rolling out impressive goodies with unique flavors and crafted with premium ingredients. Classic meets contemporary at Bakerzin, and there will definitely something for everyone.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Bakerzin is set to impress with a collection of interesting traditional and modern flavors. What’s more, if you are health-conscious, you’ll be happy to know that Bakerzin mooncakes offers a healthier mooncake option with premium less-sugar lotus paste and made with fine healthy ingredients such as chia seeds, beetroot and pure fruit juices.

Don’t miss out on the Royal Collection of Signature Egg Yolk Blend Snow-skin Mooncakes (S$66 for a box of 4). Only 1,000 boxes are available! These mooncakes come in four delightful floral and local flavours – Pandan Mooncake, Beetroot Gula Melaka Mooncake, Charcoal Tangerine Red Bean Mooncake and Osmanthus Mooncake.

Bakerzin Mooncakes
Credit: Bakerzin

Another great choice is the Prestige Collection (S$60 for a box of 8), snow-skin mooncakes infused with Apple Vodka, Butterscotch Baileys, Latte Kahlua and Coconut Liqueur make for a sweet boozy treat.

Latest Bakerzin Credit Card Promotions

Early Bird Special: 15% OFF all collections (except Splendor MSW Collection) | No specific card required

Early Bird Special: 10% OFF on Splendor MSW Collection | No specific card required

Early Bird Special: 10% OFF on all collections | No specific card required

Promotion: 15% OFF online orders (except Splendor MSW Collection) | with DBS/POSB Cards

Promotion: 10% OFF online orders (except Splendor MSW Collection) | with PAssion / SAFRA Cards


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Previous Bakerzin Promotions You Might Have Missed!

National Day 2018

With National Day coming up, Bakerzin has also created a special flavor in celebration of Singapore’s 53rd Birthday! Layered with pure cempedak, bite into a soft creamy texture and enjoy this limited edition tasty treat (Order here)!

Chinese New Year 2018

With the turn of the new year, Christmas decor are quickly changed into (usually) red and gold ones as we get ready to celebrate yet another new year – Lunar New Year! Where we refer to it as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, this occasion is marked with plenty of good food and annual delightful treats that signifies wealth and happiness.

Whether you are looking for Chinese New Year goodies as a gift or for your own home for the Spring celebration, a must-have will be pineapple tarts! If you belong to the camp who prefers your pineapple tarts with the sweet pineapple jam enclosed in buttery pastry instead of the “open-faced” ones, you are in luck here with Bakerzin.

With Chinese New Year 2018 being the year of the Dog, the folks behind the award-winning original pineapple tarts, Bakerzin has put together a range of specially designed pineapple tarts to welcome the year with prosperity – “旺财旺福”!

Check out what’s in store for you this CNY at Bakerzin!

Bakerzin CNYGolden Ingot Original Pineapple Tarts 黄金旺来
S$23.80 / Tin (18 pieces)
Golden Ingots… What a happy sight to behold during Chinese New Year. Bite into the buttery tones of this ingot tart filled with luxurious pineapple jam that will leave you wanting more!
 Bakerzin CNYXO Golden Pillow Pineapple Tarts “狗”杞黄金枕
S$32 / Box (18 pieces) – Limited Only to 500 boxes only!
Not your regular pineapple tart, this XO Golden Pillow Pineapple Tart is filled with pineapple fibres and wolfberries pre-soaked for up to a month in premium XO liquor.
 Bakerzin CNYAssorted Pineapple Tarts
S$23.80 / Tin (18 pieces, 6 per flavour) Each tin of the assorted pineapple tarts is filled with Original, Chrysanthemum and Hae Bee Hiam flavours.The Chrysanthemum Pineapple Tarts “菊”祥如意 is perfected using the core essence of this light floral scent. Paired with the ever tasty pineapple jam, you’ll get a good blend of both chrysanthemum and pineapple!Hae Bee Hiam Pineapple Tarts “虾”气生财 bring you the best of both worlds with the perfect pairing of sweet and savoury, giving just a hint of spiciness with sweetness. This is highly addictive so be sure to have yours first before the guests arrive.
 Bakerzin CNYGood Luck Cookies 好运连连
S$23.80 per box (8 flavours / 8 packs)

Check out these huat-licious cookies that are enclosed in an exquisite two-tiered box that looks good and taste just as good!
These melt-in-your mouth assorted cookies comes in 8 flavours: Long Jing Tea, Coconut Chia Seeds (tastes just like kueh bangkit but healthier!), Cereal Salted Egg Yolk, Orange, Charcoal Black Sesame, Thai Milk Tea, Chocolate and Coffee – Yes, there’s something to satisfy every guest!

Can’t decide what to get? There are also some festive bundle sets available. If you are a Bakerzin member, you get an additional 8% off (Download the app here)!

Wealth Bundle 财源广进礼盒, S$39.80 
• 1 Tin of Golden Ingot Original Pineapple Tarts
• 1 Tin of Assorted Pineapple Tarts

Blessings Bundle “旺”事如意礼盒
• Bundle A, S$39.80
– 1 Tin of Golden Ingot Original Pineapple Tarts
– 1 Box of Good Luck Cookies

• Bundle B, S$39.80
– 1 Tin of Assorted Pineapple Tarts
– 1 Box of Good Luck Cookies

Treasure Bundle 招财进宝礼盒, S$82.80
• 1 Tin of Golden Ingot Original Pineapple Tarts
• 1 Tin of Assorted Pineapple Tarts
• 1 Box of XO Pineapple Tarts
• 1 Box of Good Luck Cookies

Bakerzin Christmas De la Perfecto 2017 might be all Yule want this Christmas!

As the season of merry-making and feasting begins, you might be swearing off those sinful logcakes for the year already. But hold on, what you see here will change your mind. Wait till you see the hearty spread that the folks at Bakerzin have specially put together this year in their 2017’s Christmas de la Perfecto spread – it’s definitely worth your calories this festive season.

Whether you are heading to a potluck gathering or planning a little get-together at home, take your pick from the Bakerzin’s Christmas takeaway menu or select the festive feast packages that has been thoughtfully bundled to include something savoury to fill your tummy and something sweet to round up the party (From S$89). Suitable for a gathering of six and more, simply heat up the conveniently packed roasts and pies before serving and your Christmas feast is ready!

Here are some of our top picks:

Bakerzin Christmas - Gojujang Capon ChickenGochujang Capon Chicken
Dressed in Gochujang (Korean spicy chilli paste) and marinated for robust flavours. Here’s Bakerzin’s Asian rendition of a western tradition that’s best paired with Gochujang and Raisin Sauce. A must-have if you are hosting a party at home! (S$46, approximately 1.8kg after baked)
Bakerzin Christmas - Chicken Teriyaki Shepherd's PieChicken Teriyaki Shepherd’s Pie
A delicious blend of sweet teriyaki chicken chunks layered between fragrant sweet potato mash pastry and sweet pumpkin pastry, this perfect pairing of buttery and aromatic pastry with generous fillings is great for the young and old. (S$28, approximately 700g after baked)
Bakerzin Christmas - Triplette Chocolat Cake LogTriplette Chocolat Cake Log
Here’s one of the best looking Christmas log cakes out there this year. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be pleased with three different flavours of chocolate in one log cake – decadent chocolate, pure cream cheese and caramel. Indulge away! (S$80, approximately 2kg)
Bakerzin Christmas - Rainbow Yule LogRainbow Yule Log
Not your regular log cake, the Rainbow Yule Log comes with seven layers of beautiful light sponge with rich chocolate buttercream and orange ganache. If you’re not sure what to bring to a gathering, this will definitely be a hit among the kids and adults. (S$60, approximately 1kg)
Bakerzin Christmas - Yule Want CroquemboucheYule Want Croquembouche
If creamy cakes are not up your alley, this is a great option. Each delicate and fluffy choux in this Croquembouche is baked to perfection, drizzled with caramel and encased with your choice of flavours (Banana Cream Cheese and Mango Cheese or Apple Cinnamon and Caramel). It makes a splendid centerpiece at any gathering too! (From S$40, 47 pieces)
Bakerzin Christmas - Aged Fruit CakeAged Fruit Cake
It’s not easy to come by a good fruit cake these days. Bakerzin’s aged fruit cake has been steeped in good old rum for over a year and generously filled with diced fruit bits – definitely a classic item to be savoured this festive season. (S$32, approximately 600g)

? Latest Bakerzin Credit Card Promotions

15% off Bakerzin Christmas Items | with DBS & POSB cards

  • Valid till 1 January 2018
  • Not applicable on festive feast packages

10% off Bakerzin Christmas Items | with PAssion & SAFRA Cards

  • Valid till 1 January 2018
  • Not applicable on festive feast packages
  • Not applicable for online purchases
  • Order in-store

S$10 off Rainbow Yule Log | with NETS card

  • Valid till 1 January 2018
  • Only applicable for Rainbow Yule Log
  • Not applicable for online purchases
  • Order in-store

? Other Bakerzin Promotions

15% off Bakerzin Christmas Items | for Bakerzin members

  • Promo Code: PERFECTO
  • Valid till 15 December 2018
  • Not applicable on festive feast packages

All these and more from the Bakerzin’s Christmas De La Perfecto grand spread of savouries, pastries and Christmas log cakes! They are now available for pre-orders online and at all Bakerzin outlets that are conveniently located in malls like United Square (#01-07/60), 18@Tai Seng (#01-03/04/05/06), Vivo City (#01-207) as well as at Serangoon Gardens (28 Maju Avenue), you can pre-order and collect them easily for your Christmas party!


Written by Jiayan Chiu

Loves hanging out with her kids, online shopping and dreaming of her next beach holiday.

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