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5 Best Business Credit Cards in Singapore for Travel


If you travel (to both domestic and foreign destinations) for business regularly, you should check out the offers of travel business credit cards. Compared to standard credit cards, travel business credit cards can benefit you by offering travel-specific advantages. Because traveling is a regular activity, you could really use these benefits.

To name a few, these travel business credit card benefits include allowance of huge discounts on travel deals, no foreign transaction fees, and interest-free instalment plans. With these benefits, you can maximise your spending abilities for your trip.

Here’s a table featuring five travel business cards in Singapore.

Credit CardBest for…
DBS Corporate Charge CardDiscounts  on travel deals
Citibank Corporate MasterCardCashback
UOB Platinum Business CardCash rebates + interest-free instalment plan
Maybank Business Platinum Card2x points for overseas transactions + low-interest instalment plans
AmEx Open Business Gold RewardsNo foreign transaction fees + 50,000 points sign-up bonus

1. DBS Corporate Charge Card

Travel insurance coverage: Max SGD $1,000,000

Huge discounts on travel deals? Those things are for you once you’re a DBS Charge Card holder. This includes much-needed deals on travel, petrol, and other business-related matters.


You’re also a superstar when it comes to dining with this credit card! You can dine out at the finest restaurants, and get to worry less about the expenses. As a cardholder, you can get as much as 50% off at more than 1,000 restaurants island-wide.

And yet more outstanding facts for DBS Corporate Charge Cardholders. First, the annual fee is waived — permanently. Second, this credit card is a charge card; it does not come with pre-set spending limits.

To start things off as you apply, note the typical requirements for DBS card applications. Just present valid proof that you meet the minimum income requirement of SGD $30,000 for Singaporeans and SGD $45,000 for non-Singaporeans.

2. Citibank Corporate MasterCard

Travel insurance coverage: Max SGD $1,000,000

Citibank Corporate MasterCard is a travel business credit card that offers 0.3% cashback! The cashback bonus results to major savings especially if you have heavy expenditures during business trips.

SGD $50,000 is the minimum income requirement of this credit card. So, to apply, you need to present proof of eligibility.

There’s also an annual fee of SGD $150. If you’re planning to be a long-term Citibank Corporate MasterCard client, take note of this amount for yearly renewal.

3. UOB Platinum Business Card

Travel insurance coverage: Max SGD $1,000,000

Cash rebates and interest-free instalment plans are worth looking forward to! Well, you have every reason to keep your hopes up regarding these benefits if you’re a UOB Platinum Business Card holder!

You get 0.3% cash rebates on monthly transactions – all of them. Regardless of the products and services that you’re spending on, you get a portion of your money back. You also get 10% SMART$ from more than 900 retailers!

If you want to apply for an instalment plan, you can with this credit card. Normally, the interest rate is 25% (per annum), but if you can return the borrowed amount within 51 days, you get to enjoy an interest-free plan.


For upkeep of this business credit card, just pay an amount of SGD $180 annually. For the first year, this annual fee is waived.

4. Maybank Business Platinum Card

Travel insurance coverage: Max SGD $1,000,000

As a Maybank Business Platinum Card holder, 2x points for overseas transactions are all yours! This means, for every SGD $1 that you spend, you get twice the reward. This reward, if accumulated, is redeemable for items from a wide variety of categories.

If you go on overseas business trips and you can’t help but spend, this credit card gives you a treat of a glorious amount of reward points – if you want to. Just use this card whenever you need to make a purchase.

Maybank Business Platinum’s low-interest instalment plans are something to rejoice about, too. 20% rate is relatively low. If you compare it to the interest rate of other credit cards, you would feel fortunate to be offered the rate.

Because this card introduces you to great deals, there are annual upkeep costs to remember. The annual fee of the Maybank Business Platinum Card is SGD $180. But, for the first two years, this annual fee is waived.

5 – American Express Open Business Gold Rewards

Travel insurance coverage: Max SGD $1,000,000

The American Express Open Business Gold Rewards card is ideal for you if you take business trips to foreign destinations regularly. No foreign transaction fees can be expected as a cardholder. So long as you use this card for payments, you can enjoy big savings on purchases when you’re in foreign territory.

Besides the zero transaction fees, you also get 50,000 points as sign-up bonus with this credit card! This means, without doing anything (except meet the minimum spend requirement of SGD $5,000 within three months), you’re bound to receive points.

With the AmEx Open Business Gold Rewards card, you have the option to enrol in the AmEx Corporate Membership Rewards programme. For multiple cardholders, this is beneficial because you can charge ALL business-related expenses to a single card. This means, your rate of accumulating points becomes much higher – and you can redeem these points even quicker!


To sum up matters, applying for a travel business credit card is a smart move. The convenience that these cards offer grants you the opportunity of better business trips.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of these business credit cards, another bonus – and it’s as good as those – is the complimentary travel insurance. So, if an unexpected event occurs (baggage and flight delays, travel accident, travel inconvenience, etc.), you can receive compensation.

With complimentary travel insurance, it’s a hint that your business trips will go just fine. In the event that they don’t, you receive insurance. That’s like entering a win-win situation, don’t you think?

After you have learned about these travel business credit cards, which one catches your attention? Which one is worth applying for?

Regardless of your choice, you will be receiving a great deal. Remember, signing up for a travel business credit card is advisable if you’re out for business trips often. Kindly leave a comment (or two) below to raise any relevant concern.


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