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Best Credit Cards for Women in Singapore

4 Women’s Credit Cards in Singapore

There are substantial reasons why card companies have been, and are still creating credit cards specifically for women. We’re not the ones drawing assumptions, but based on this article on Forbes, women make up 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, which is further amplified by a multiplier effect. What do we mean? Women have a tendency not just to shop for themselves, but also for their spouses and families as they often assume the primary caregiver role. So if you are involved in any form of sales and are thinking of how to craft your marketing strategy from a female consumer’s perspective, you’ll probably on the right track.

Bearing that in mind, major credit card companies have come up with brilliant strategies on cards designed to better suit women’s spending habits. We’re all for gender equality, but it is true to a certain extent that a typical female’s spending pattern differs from a male’s. The demographics have also shifted over the years and more women are in the workforce with independent financial stability. Offering a woman-centric credit card would be a powerful tool to tap into this massive spending power.

If you’re a lady looking for an appropriate credit card, you’ve come to the right place! Cardable has gone through some of the credit cards for women in the market and we’ll touch on each card’s perks and benefits for women.

Let’s jump right in!

1. DBS Woman’s MasterCard® Card

Highlights for women

  • 5X DBS Points for every S$5 online & overseas purchase. DBS Points can also be converted to miles.
  • Complimentary e-commerce protection
  • 10% off all single services at Strip & Browhaus

Other perks

  • Special promotional price for beauty treatment at various beauty salon
  • Discounts and deals on shopping, travel and dining
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

Eligibility and annual fees

  • Annual income of S$30,000 and above for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Annual income of S$45,000 and above for foreigners
  • 21 years old and above
  • S$160.50 for principal card and S$80.25 for each supplementary card

One of the outstanding features of the DBS Woman’s MasterCard Card is the complimentary E-commerce protection that provides worldwide coverage for online purchases. This allows you to spend with confidence as it protects you against incomplete delivery, physical damaged items & non delivery of purchase.

With the E-commerce protection at hand, you can then do your shopping with ease and at the same time, earning 5X DBS points with every S$5 spend. DBS Woman’s card also have exclusive deals on wellness, fashion, travel and dining. You get to enjoy special deals that include merchants like Jean Yip, CHU collagen & Agoda

DBS Woman's MasterCard

Get complimentary gym visits every month!

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If you earn a higher income and make purchases overseas often, perhaps you would want to consider the sister card, DBS Woman’s World Card. This women’s card allows cardholders to earn 10X DBS Points for every S$5 spent on online purchase, and 3X DBS Points for every S$5 spent overseas.

DBS Woman's World Mastercard

Bigger rewards on online purchases!

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2. Citi Rewards Card

Highlights for women

  • Earn 10X Rewards when you shop at online or retail stores, or department stores, locally and overseas
  • Exclusive deals with your favourite merchants like Zalora, Qoo10 & Love, Bonito

Other perks

  • Earn 10X Rewards on rides with Grab, Gojek & more
  • Earn 10X Rewards on online groceries & food delivery
  • Complimentary travel insurance when you charge your airfare to your Citi Rewards Card

Eligibility and annual fees

  • Annual income of S$30,000 and above for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Annual income of S$42,000 and above for foreigners
  • 21 years old and above
  • S$192.60 for principal card and S$96.30 for each supplementary card

The big attraction with the Citi Rewards Card is that you get 10X Rewards points for every S$1 spent! The Rewards points you earn are valid for 5 years and can be used to redeem vouchers, flights, gadgets and more. If you’re big on shopping, both online and in stores, look out for special deals with Zalora, Qoo10 & Love, Bonito. Not limiting to just shopping, you’ll also get to enjoy 10X Rewards points with online groceries or food delivery spending.

Citibank also offers complimentary travel insurance when you book your airfare with your Citi Rewards Card.

Also, as part of a new feature introduced in April 2019, you can earn miles/reward points (depending on card type) when you pay your tax, rent, condominium management fee, school fee or electricity bill with Citi PayAll on the Citi Mobile® App.

Citi Rewards

Apply now and receive up to S$120 cashback!

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3. UOB Lady’s Card

Highlights for women

  • Earn 10X UNI$ with every S$5 spent on your preferred category – no min spend.
  • E-commerce protection
  • Earn SMART$ on daily essentials at Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons, Giant and Guardian
  • Enjoy 2% rebate on movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes

Other perks

  • Enjoy complimentary main course at participating restaurants with at least 1 other paying guest
  • Enjoy 4% SMART$ rebate at Shell petrol station

Eligibility and annual fees

  • Female only
  • Annual income of S$30,000 and above for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Annual income of S$80,000 and above for foreigners
  • S$192.60 for principal card (1st year waived) and free 1st supplementary card

“The men don’t get it.”

That’s a powerful slogan, isn’t it? UOB’s marketing for its UOB Lady’s Card is quite a big success in our opinion. Down to creating an instagram account and a hashtag #mendontgetit, this card is fast becoming an iconic card for the ladies. What is so appealing about this card? Is it worth the hype?

One big appeal factor about this card is that it offers perks with many types of expenses one would find in a woman’s life. Not just shopping in stores and online, the UOB Lady’s Card also covers aspects like movies, petrol and family-related expenses. We like the fact that you get to customize your card to your own spending pattern, earning 10X UNI$ on the category you spend the most. The UOB Lady’s card also allow you to make luxury purchase worth S$500 or more in 6 or 12 months installment, interest free!

Of course, the women also need some me-time to let their hair down. Fancy a girls’ night out dining? The One Dines Free with Mastercard Program allow cardholders to receive 1 complimentary main course when you dine with at least one other guest at participating restaurants.

Still unsure of the card? UOB offers different tiers of the Lady’s Card to cater to different female audiences. Visit the UOB website to find out more about the Lady’s Debit Card and the Lady’s Solitaire Card.

UOB Lady's Card

Get 50% off taxi rides with an online card application!

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4. OCBC 365 Card

Highlights for women

  • 6% cashback on dining & food delivery
  • 3% cashback on groceries
  • Up to 21.1% Fuels savings at Caltex

Other perks

  • 3% cashback on recurring telco bills
  • 3% cashback on land transport, including Taxi and Grab

Eligibility and annual fees

  • Annual income of S$30,000 and above for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Annual income of S$45,000 and above for foreigners
  • 21 years old and above
  • S$192.60 for principal card and S$96.30 for each supplementary card – waived for the 1st 2 years

The OCBC 365 Card is a contender as one of the top cards for women because it offers a grand deal of everyday savings, including groceries, petrol, telco bills, and dining. This is a great card for a woman who spends on her family and herself because it covers the essential expenses while letting her earn cashback.

All OCBC 365 cardholders are entitled to 5% cashback at all other petrol stations. You can also get up to 22.1% fuels savings at Caltex and 22.2% at Esso.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, no-frills card to consolidate all your expenses, this card is the most sensible out of the lot!

OCBC 365 Credit Card

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Which women’s card will you get?

Given the fact that their shopping behavior differs from that of men’s, these cards are specially designed to be more compatible with women. If you’re looking for a women’s card to complement your spending habits, we hope this article has helped to make your decision process much simpler.

What are your experiences with credit cards as a female? Are there any perks you wish card companies will implement in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!


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