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Best DBS Credit Cards in Singapore

Top 5 DBS Credit Cards

DBS, formerly known as The Development Bank of Singapore, is one of the financial corporations that hold a strong capital position in Asia. And this strong capital position is a prominent reason why many credit card applicants in Singapore are looking at different DBS credit cards and DBS card promotions.

These credit card applicants have good faith in DBS, and they feel a whole lot safer with the corporation’s banking services. Aside from the promising financial nature of DBS credit cards, DBS credit card promotions are exciting and rather irresistible. DBS credit cards combine practical offers with amazing deals!

So if you’re considering the submission of a credit card application from one of Singapore’s well-established financial corporations, signing up for a DBS credit card will do the trick!

Below, you will find a table that features the top 5 DBS credit cards in Singapore.

Credit CardBest for…
DBS Live FreshCashback
DBS EssoPetrol
DBS AmEx TakashiyamaShopping at Takashiyama
DBS Woman’s World MasterCardRewards and points
DBS Altitude VISA SignatureTravel/bonus miles

1. DBS Live Fresh

Best for: Cashback

The DBS Live Fresh credit card is one of the top DBS cards due to its HIGH cashback offer. 5% cashback is yours for ALL online purchases. So whether you’re shopping for shoes, furniture, clothes, appliances, or books, as long as these are from a credible online merchant, you’re eligible for the 5% cashback offer!

Other DBS Live Fresh card benefits:

  • 1 DBS Point for all purchases
  • 3 DBS Points for online purchases
  • 3 DBS Points for VISA payWave transactions
  • 5% cashback for VISA payWave transactions
  • 5% cashback for transactions with FoodPanda, Amazon, iTunes, McDelivery, Uber, and more!

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2. DBS Esso

Best for: Petrol

If you sign up for the DBS Esso card, you can enjoy huge petrol savings! Particularly, you get 17% instant discount if you pay with your DBS Esso credit card upfront at all Esso stations island-wide!

Other DBS Esso car benefits:

  • SGD $20 cashback for SGD $250 for fuel purchases at Esso
  • 1 Smiles Points for all non-Esso transactions worth SGD $10
  • Smiles Points can be converted from purchases under shopping, dining, and more categories
  • Interest-free instalment plan for Road Tax and Motor Insurance

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3. DBS American Express Takashiyama

Best for: Shopping at Takashiyama

The DBS American Express Takashiyama is the ideal card for you if you’re a brand loyalist of Takashiyama Department Store in Singapore. If you spend SGD $10 at Takashiyama, you get 2 Takashiyama Bonus Points, and once accumulated into 100 Takashiyama Bonus Points, you’re awarded a gift voucher worth SGD $30!

Apart from that, you get 6% voucher rebates. You can also avail of additional 10% discount during sale events.

Other DBS AmEx Takashiyama card benefits:

  • Complimentary delivery service with minimum spend SGD $100
  • Special parking privilege at shopping centres with Takashiyama department store
  • Exclusive 5% discount at Takashiyama Japan
  • 1 DBS Point for ALL non-Takashiyama purchases worth SGD $5
  • Exclusive privileges via American Express Selects

4. DBS Woman’s World MasterCard

Best for: Rewards and points

As a DBS Woman’s World MasterCard cardholder, you get a bounty of rewards and points. This DBS card was tailored to pamper a woman’s needs.

For every purchase (worth SGD $5) with use of the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard, whether it’s a pack of bags or a coffeemaker, you can earn 1 point. These points can be 3x as much for overseas purchases. And these points can be 10x as much for online purchases!

Other DBS Woman’s World MasterCard benefits:

  • Priority taxi booking
  • Complimentary access to True Yoga and True Fitness centres
  • 30% (during birthday month) and 10% discounts on a la carte treatment; complimentary therapy (ear candling) — all at The Safari Spa
  • 50% discount on a la carte treatments; 10% discount on nail care services; special birthday deals (such as 50% discount on hairstyling service) – all at Jan Yip
  • JetQuay access
  • Exclusive privileges with DBS Lifestyle App

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5. DBS Altitude VISA Signature

Best for: Travel/bonus miles

This makes one of the top DBS cards due to its deal for travellers. For every SGD $1 overseas spend, you get 2 air miles with the DBS Altitude VISA Signature credit card. And if it’s SGD $1 local spend, you get 1.2 air miles.

Other DBS Altitude VISA Signature benefits:

  • 50% off with the DBS Shopper App
  • 24-hour butler service
  • DBS Indulge deals
  • Global Airport Lounge Priority Pass
  • Altitude Travel Destinations exclusive jet-setter benefits
  • Complimentary travel insurance (max SGD $1,000,000 coverage)

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Overall, signing up with DBS and availing of their credit card offers is a brilliant idea. If you can afford it (i.e. keep up with eligibility requirements and payment of regular fees), you can sign up for multiple DBS credit cards. On the other hand, if you think that handling multiple credit cards can be overwhelming, you can limit the application to just a single DBS credit card.

Either way, you’re in good hands if you choose to trust DBS. Just be mindful of a particular credit card’s offers, as well as its unique feature.

More importantly, make sure that your selected DBS credit card’s offers suit your lifestyle. For example, if you know you can benefit the most from petrol discounts, you should go with a card that will make it happen for you (and in this case, this card would be the DBS Esso). Doing this is an effortless way of maximising a credit card.

So, what do you think of these DBS credit cards?

If you want to check out all DBS credit cards, you can visit the credit card section at the DBS main website.



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