Best log cakes for Christmas 2017
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Best Log Cakes and Festive Treats for All Your Christmas Pot-Luck Gatherings

A collection of the best log cakes this Christmas

It’s the most magical time of the year where life seems to slow down a little for us to catch our breath and savour the months gone by. We make our Christmas shopping lists (and check them twice!) as we set aside time to spend with our friends and family.

If you are attending a pot-luck gathering, have you thought about what to get? There’ll be the usual hams and roast, pasta or perhaps the regular mains in most Singaporean gatherings – chicken curry and bee hoon, or even steamboat – so what should you get? How about something sweet to round up the evening?

Here’s a collection of really good-looking logcakes (that will be just as delicious too!) and other festive treats perfect for your Christmas pot-luck gathering!

1. Café Mocha, Marina Mandarin Singapore

marina mandarin log cake
Credit: Café Mocha, Marina Mandarin Singapore

The Santa Chocolate Yule Log (S$35/500g) from Marina Mandarin’s Cafe is a sight to behold. Covered with rich chocolate butter cream and filled with banana confit chocolate coated with almond chocolate, this indulging treat will have chocolate lovers asking for second helpings in no time.

If you prefer something lighter, the Manjari Raspberry Rose Lychee Bûche (S$65/1kg) will be a good option. With just the right balance between the light chocolate mousse and a layer of raspberry rose lychee jelly and almond joconde, this will be a refreshing treat after an evening of feasting.

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2. Dolcetto By Basilico, Regent Hotel

Dolcetto By Basilico, Regent Hotel
Credit: Dolcetto By Basilico, Regent Hotel

If there is just one logcake you cannot miss this year, it’s got to be this exquisite Miniature Gingerbread Village (S$105/1kg) specially created with banana sponge and caramel chocolate mousse. This is bound to be a lovely centrepiece to wow your friends and family with at any party!

As Basilico is well-known for their range of fine cheese, you can also consider a cheese platter. It comes in a platter of three (S$42/300g) or six (S$62/400g) and you get to choose your favourites out of the ones available: Fiore Sardo, Fontina, Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Toscano, Provolone, Robiola Tre Latti, Taleggio. Each cheese platter also come with bread and condiments.

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3. Daily Treats, The Westin Singapore

Daily Treats, The Westin Singapore
Credit: Daily Treats, The Westin Singapore

Indulge the sweet tooth in the comfort of home with Daily Treats’ classic favourite, the Chocolate, Whiskey and Chestnut Yule Log (S$67/1kg). This rich, decadent logcake is so satisfying that it will leave a lasting impression in the years to come. Not a chocolate lover? The Vanilla, Raspberry and Pistachio Cheese Yule Log (S$65/1kg) is a good alternative and is kids-friendly too!

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4. The Fullerton

The Fullerton Log cake
Credit: The Fullerton

The Fullerton Boutique presents four delectable types of Yule Logs for every palette. Choose from the Traditional Black Forest Yule Log (S$69/1kg) that comes with the full works of a perfect black forest cake, starting with the layers of chocolate sponge, dark chocolate truffle mouse, morello cherry compote, Chantilly cream and dark chocolate couverture to the Mont Blanc Yule Log (S$69/1kg) that is filled with smooth creamy Madagascan vanilla bean praline with baked vanilla sponge, ivory Chantilly vanilla bean, pate sablée and whole glazed chestnuts.

There’s also the new Rosella Yule Log (S$69/1kg), an elegant blend of floral and fruity falvors from rosella mint jelly, rosella cremeux and raspberry jam, completed with rich Manjari chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze.

Another interesting flavor is the Tropicana Yule (S$69/1kg) that brings you to tropical paradise with its refreshing coconut mousse and yuzu jelly, coconut dacquoise, passion fruit-mango cremeux and glaze with sweet mango for that refreshing end to an indulging evening.

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5. Colony, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Ritz Carlton Log cake
Credit: Colony, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

This Christmas, Colony brings us specialty Yule log cales in key distinct tastes of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Choose from the Grapefruit log cake (S$68 nett), a bittersweet combo of pink grapefuit jelly and nougat mousse to the Japanese inspired Green Tea log cake (S$68 nett). Savour the umami taste of green tea, cherry jelly and sakura crémeux – this definitely give an unusual twist to the regular logcakes!

There’s also the Mango and Passion Fruit log cake (S$68 nett) that is mildy tart but filled with the right balance of sweetness with mango and passionfruit jelly, gianduja mousse, dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut biscuit. Lastly, chocolate lovers, you are not forgotten with the Sea Salt Caramel log cake (S$68 nett) that is a delightful blend of dark chocolate mousse, sea salt caramel and crème brûlée.

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6. Café Noël, Fairmont Singapore

Credit: Café Noël, Fairmont Singapore

If you are having a Star Wars themed Christmas party, you might want to check out the Perigord’s Black Forest Yule Log (S$73/1kg) from Cafe Noel. This shimmering cake from the future is shaped like a futuristic sphere and glistening with cherry glaze, this dark chocolate mousse and butter cake sits on a cocoa butter base.

For something less sweet but just as indulging, the Lemon and Hazelnut Yule Log (S$73/1kg) that’s filled with lemon mousse, praline and hazelnut crunch will hit the spot between tangy and rich flavors, leaving you savouring for more.

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7. Bakerzin Singapore

Credit: Bakerzin Singapore

In their Christmas de la Perfecto spread this Christmas, Bakerzin has put together a really gorgeous log cake that is not only insta-worthy but is out to please even the picky eater! Easily one of the best looking Christmas log cakes available, the Triplette Chocolat Cake Log (S$80/2kg) comes with three different flavors in one log cake – decadent chocolate, pure cream cheese and caramel.

Another great choice, especially if creamy cakes are not up your alley, will be the Yule Want Croquembouche (From S$40, 47 pieces). With each delicate and fluffy choux baked to perfection, drizzled with caramel and encased with your choice of flavours (Banana Cream Cheese and Mango Cheese or Apple Cinnamon and Caramel), this will be gone in seconds!

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8. Swensen’s

Credit: Swensen’s

Indulge in merry-making with An Alabama Christmas (S$58), a salted caramel brownie ice-cream swirled with diced almond and topped with fresh cream and Frosty the Snowman, this is a pretty log cake that will not last long at the table!

Alternatively, if there are plenty of kids at the party, consider The Mane 6 (S$58) – yes it’s a My Little Pony Movie log cake that’s filled with delicious layers of strawberry, mango and blue velvet ice-cream and adorned with sparkly mystical stars!

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9. Délifrance

Delifrance log cake
Credit: Délifrance

Bring along Délifrance’s version of the Enchanted Tree to your Christmas party! The Joy of Délifrance (S$65/1.2kg) is simply pure indulgence at any gathering with its rich valrhona chocolate encased in a velvety cake.

Another great choice will be the classic White Chocolate Raspberry log cake (S$56/1kg). Sweet, white chocolate sponge rolled with thick tangy raspberry coulis and wrapped within with frosty white chocolate cream will be a hit amongst the young and old.

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10. Cat & the Fiddle

Cat & the Fiddle Log Cake
Credit: Cat & the Fiddle

Ho ho ho-horlicks! Do you remember this familar malty drink? It’s now back in the form of a luscious cheesecake! Revel in the rich malty goodness of Horlicks mixed into a delicate cream cheese and sweetened with condensed milk on a tasty biscuit base with Jolly Horly Horlicks Cheesecake (S$38.90/1kg) by Cat & the Fiddle!

If you are looking for something tangy and refreshing, it’s got to be The Citrus Tsar (S$42.90/1kg). This zesty orange tea cheesecake comes layered with orange puree jelly and decorated with rose petals for a delicate floral flavour. This non-baked cheesecake also contains an element of surprise with its pillowy finger sponge soaked in energising orange tea with subtle hints of tangerine peel, mango, rooibos and pineapple.

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We hope you find the perfect log cake and festive treat for your gathering! Do remember to make your orders in advance. Merry Christmas!

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Written by Jiayan Chiu

Loves hanging out with her kids, online shopping and dreaming of her next beach holiday.

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