Best Online Shopping Credit Cards in Singapore 2017

Top 8 Credit Cards That Online Shoppers Will Absolutely Love

According to research done by PayPal, Singapore’s online shopping market hit more than SGD $4,000,000,000. And, the good news (for local merchants) is, about 40% of the market turn to local websites.

Among the items that are commonly bought belong to a wide range of categories. The list of these categories includes movie tickets, video games, books, clothing, and general insurance.

Are you one of the Singaporeans who loves to shop online?

If you are, you should check out the AMAZING bonuses that come with a shopping credit card. To enjoy discounts, receive special gifts, get exclusive privileges, and more, signing up for a shopping card is the way to go.

More importantly, if you’re one of the growing number of Singaporean online shoppers, well, lo and behold: a list of eight credit cards especially for online shoppers!

Credit Card Best for…
HSBC Revolution Card Reward points + welcome offer + luggage
OCBC Frank Card Cash rebate
SC SingPost VISA Platinum Card Exclusive offer (cashback + price guarantee)
UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card 0% interest instalment plan
ANZ Optimum MasterCard Exclusive cash rebate + luggage
DBS Woman’s MasterCard Lifestyle privileges
Citibank SMRT Card Everyday savings
AmEx Platinum Credit Card Welcome offer

1 – HSBC Revolution Card

Best for: Reward points + welcome offer + luggage

If you sign up for the HSBC Revolution Card, a line-up of awesome gifts is yours. You’ll receive 5x rewards for online spend, welcome offer (SGD $40 cashback), and luggage (Delsey 71cm Helium Aero TSA). It’s either these things or up to SGD $180 cashback is yours!

2 – OCBC Frank Card

Best for: Cash rebate

Do you want in on 6% cash rebate on online shopping deals? If you do, you may want to apply for the OCBC Frank Card! Whether you’ll be spending on basic necessities (such as groceries and utilities) or you’ll be treating yourself to occasional indulgence (such as clothes and jewelleries), the 6% cash rebate is yours – as long as you spend online.

3 – SC SingPost VISA Platinum Card

Best for: Exclusive offer (cashback + price guarantee)

Standard Chartered’s SingPost VISA Platinum Card gives away an exclusive offer! What do you say to 7% cashback? As long as you spend on eligible purchases, the cashback is yours.

On top of that, Standard Chartered grants an online price guarantee to you – in cooperation with AXA Insurance Singapore. This means, if you see a similar item (to one you just purchased) and you notice that it is available for a lower price, you’ll get a refund!

4 – UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card

Best for: 0% interest instalment plan

You can avail of 0% interest instalment plan as a UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card holder. Whether it’s six months or it’s a year, you get to buy items online without the actual money for it yet. This means, you can use cash in advance (with the promise of returning it, of course!) and have ZERO interest to worry about!

5 – ANZ Optimum World MasterCard

Best for: Exclusive offer (cash rebate + luggage)

Alongside letting you enjoy great shopping perks, the ANZ Optimum World MasterCard gives you an exclusive treat. Cashback of up to SGD $168, as well as a 28” luggage, is bound your way! A bonus is SGD $100 cashback on online overseas spend!

Just note the SGD $10 minimum spend requirement. If you choose Shopping as your cashback category, you’ll get 5% cashback – for online, as well as offline, shopping. There’s also no cap at the total cash rebates!

6 – DBS Woman’s MasterCard

Best for: Lifestyle privileges

5x Rewards for online shopping is a big deal. And, the DBS Woman’s MasterCard goes beyond that.

Have you heard of the DBS Lifestyle App? Check it out if you have yet to. It’s an app that lets you avail of exclusive offers regularly – by simply browsing with your mobile device.

7 – Citibank SMRT Card

Best for: Everyday savings

With the Citibank SMRT Card, you’ll get 3% savings as you freely shop online. Whatever you want, as long as it’s an eligible item on the internet, you can save – and if you shop frequently, you can save a lot!

8 – AmEx Platinum Credit Card

Best for: Welcome offer

If you sign up for the American Express Platinum Card until April 2017, a hotel dining voucher (worth SGD $50) is yours! You also get to choose between two other gifts:

Welcome gift #1 – annual fee waiver (first year) and expandable luggage (Samsonite Spinner Armet)

Welcome gift #2 – full fee offer, 76 cm luggage (Samsonite Sigma), and 32” Philips Slim LED

You can shop online as much as you want – and, for as long as you can afford. With the AmEx Platinum Credit Card, you’ll receive extravagant reward points. To be exact, SGD $1.60 = 10 reward points (if you shop at Platinum EXTRA participating merchants) are waiting for you.

Conclusion: A Shopper’s Delight, Indeed!

An incomparable benefit of online shopping is convenience. Shopping is made way easier! With the wide range of available items online, getting out of your house to shop is needless.

If you’re in the mood to look around for jewelleries, shoes, clothes, appliance, and furniture, an online store is the ideal venue. You can shop wherever and whenever you want – as long as you have an internet-enabled mobile device or PC.

Remember to choose the credit card that’s best for the shopper in you! Just note the requirements (if there are any) and make sure to comply with them.

When you shop online with a shopping credit card, you can avail of great deals. You get to save money in the process, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to shop a bit more wisely? Because you’re an online shopper, you may want to put an online shopping credit card in your arsenal.

You may want to maximise all of the perks that are just out there – and, with a shopping credit card, you can! Check out the cards on the list. And, sign up for one of them as soon as you can!

Don’t hesitate to talk about your thoughts regarding this matter. Feel free to post in the comments section.

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