Best Online Shopping Credit Cards in Singapore 2018

4 Credit Cards That Online Shoppers Will Love


Online expenditure by Singapore consumers has grown with the increased accessibility and convenience of e-commerce since this 2016  article by Channel News Asia. Singapore consumers also make the most cross-border purchases online as compared to our Asia-Pacific neighbours.

If you think about it, it makes more sense because Singapore is a small market and the most convenient way we have access to items not available (or overpriced) in Singapore is through online shopping. Which is why, it is important for online shoppers to have a credit card for online shopping.

We narrow down to 4 online shopping credit cards in Singapore with perks and features geared towards online shopping. Some will help you get cashback, earn miles, or even get exclusive discounts for selected merchants.

Ready to explore what these credit cards have to offer?

Credit CardShopping Rewards
HSBC Revolution Card5X rewards points
OCBC Titanium Rewards Card10X rewards points
Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card3% cashback for foreign spend online, and 2% for local spend
Citi Rewards Card10X rewards points

1. Best Card for Welcome Offers: HSBC Revolution Card

The HSBC Revolution Card allows you to earn 5X rewards points for every S$1 you spend on online purchases. Not only that, there are special offers with selected online merchants you get to enjoy with this card. A first-time applicant to a HSBC card? HSBC has some amazing welcome offers, including a S$120 cashback or a free American Tourister 70cm luggage if you charge a minimum of S$600 within a month of card account opening date. You may also receive an additional S$20 cashback if you complete your card application online (including all completed document upload)! If you aren’t a first-time applicant, don’t worry, you still get S$50 cashback when you sign up for the HSBC Revolution card.


5X rewards points is equivalent to 2 air miles, or if you’re interested in other items to redeem, HSBC’s rewards programme includes home, shopping, travel, dining and leisure treats.

HSBC Revolution Card

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Eligibility and Annual Fee of HSBC Revolution Card

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Minimum annual income of S$40,000 for self-employed and foreigners
  • S$150 annual fee


  • 5X rewards points for online transactions
  • 5X rewards points for local dining and local entertainment transactions
  • No minimum spend required
  • Attractive welcome offers when you apply for the card (valid only till 31 October 2017)
  • 2 years annual fee waiver


  • Limited options on items in the HSBC rewards programme catalogue
  • A one-time enrollment into HSBC’s Mileage Programme is required before you can start converting your HSBC rewards points to air miles + annual fee of S$40 will be charged

2. Best Card for Rewards: OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

As the name suggests, OCBC Titanium Rewards Card lets cardholders earn 10x rewards points for every S$1 spend when they make online purchases with said card. That’s not all, this applies to your shopping purchases at physical stores for clothes, bags, shoes, babies items, electronics and departmental stores as well. Now this is truly a shopper’s dream card. For people who like to shop on the go with your mobile phones, until 30 September 2017, you can also get 10X rewards points when you make your purchases with mobile payment (Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay). For transactions on personal care (including drug stores and pharmacies), this offer also expires on 30 September 2017.

The only catch is that there is a yearly cap of 120,000 rewards points you can earn. The consolation from this is that it is not as restrictive as a monthly cap, having 12 months to balance out the rewards points you can earn and enjoy.

OCBC Titanium Card

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Eligibility and Annual Fee of OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Minimum annual income of S$45,000 for foreigners
  • S$192.60 annual fee


  • 10X rewards points for online transactions on specific categories
  • 10X rewards points for offline transactions as well
  • No minimum spend
  • 2 years annual fee waiver
  • e-Commerce protection which safeguards you from non-delivery or defective goods if the seller fails to reimburse you. Coverage is up to US$200 per year


  • Limit of 120,000 rewards points can be earned yearly

3. Best Card for Cashback with no minimum spend: Standard Chartered Spree Card Card

Standard Chartered’s Spree Credit Card gives 3% cashback on online eligible purchases in foreign currency, and 2% cashback for those in SGD. This includes travel related expenses such as accommodation and air tickets.

The other good thing about the StanChart Spree Credit Card is that there isn’t a mandated minimum spend amoount required before you can start earning cashback, as with several other credit cards in Singapore. This means that even if you make only one purchase this month, you’ll still be earning some cash for the amount you spend. However, do note that the cashback amount is capped at S$60 per card account per month.

On top of that, Standard Chartered grants an online price guarantee to you – in cooperation with AXA Insurance Singapore. This means, if you see a similar item (to one you just purchased) and you notice that it is available for a lower price, you’ll get a refund!

Another good point is that this card has a 20% discount off shipping fees with vPost, so you can ship your Amazon purchases at a lower fee.

Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card

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Eligibility and Annual Fee of Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Visa Card

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Minimum annual income of S$60,000 for foreigners
  • S$192.60 annual fee


  • High cashback rate of 7% for online transactions
  • 2% cashback for supermarket purchases
  • Online price guarantee feature
  • Discounts with vPost
  • 2 years annual fee waiver


  • Minimum charge of S$600 per month required before cashback can be earned
  • Cashback amount capped at S$60 monthly
  • 0.2% cashback for all other transactions

 4. Best Rewards Programme Card: Citi Rewards Card

In our opinion, the Citi Rewards Programme has one of the most extensive selection of gifts and vouchers to be redeemed. Therefore, signing up for a Citi Rewards Card is your first step to a wide range of gifts you can earn by charging your shopping expenses to your Citi Rewards Card.

This card allows cardholders to earn 10X rewards points for every S$1 spent when you shop for clothes, bags and shoes with online merchants. That is also equivalent to 4 air miles. Whatever type of gifts or rewards you like, do take note that your rewards points with Citi has a validity of 5 years (from the date you earn them) before they expire.

Citi Rewards

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Eligibility and Annual Fee of Citi Rewards Card

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Minimum annual income of S$42,000 for foreigners
  • S$192.60 annual fee


  • Attractive rewards in rewards programme
  • 10X rewards points valid for purchases of shoes, clothes or bags in physical stores (local and overseas)
  • 10X rewards points also valid at department stores in Singapore


  • To earn 10X rewards points on online transactions, online shopping site’s main business activity has to be shoes, bags and clothes. Excludes travel sites
  • All other spend only lets you earn 1 reward point
  • Only 1 year annual fee waiver


A core benefit of online shopping is convenience, at the tip of your fingers. Shopping has been made easier and more accessible with the increased speed of technology. With the wide range of available items online, getting out of your house to shop is no longer mandatory. Many things, from apparels and accessories, to daily necessities and groceries, can now be purchased with a few clicks of your finger.

Perhaps you don’t regard yourself as an online shopper, but do you make frequent purchases online for yourself, your spouse or your family? Since these credit cards for online shopping allow you to get some discounts, whether they be in the form of rewards points, miles or cash rebates, why not make full use of them? Choose the most suitable card for your spending habit and the type of purchases you usually make.


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