Cafe Mosaic, Carlton Hotel Singapore

Cafe Mosaic 1 for 1 Buffet Dinner at Carlton Hotel Singapore (UOB, Citibank)


Cafe Mosaic 1 for 1 Buffet Dinner & 4 for 3 Buffet Lunch at Carlton Hotel Singapore

*For UOB and Citibank card holders!

Café Mosaic specializes in international delicacies, bringing together both Asian and Western culinary favourites. Located at Carlton Hotel Singapore, Café Mosaic always surprises their patrons with new dishes daily. With freshly in-house baked breads, fresh seafood, and delectable main courses, it is no wonder Café Mosaic often sees a stable crowd. During dinner, the cheese platter and free flow of oysters are sure to delight your taste buds. For those with a sweet tooth, this café will be a haven for you, with their lovely desert and high tea sets that includes their signature Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Mousse and signature Cheesecake.

If you love high tea, desserts, and you’re adventurous when it comes to food, try these Cafe Mosaic buffet promotions!

Promotion: Cafe Mosaic 1 for 1 Buffet Dinner & 4 for 3 Buffet Lunch (All day)

Check out the 4 for 3 Buffet Lunch and 1 for 1 Buffet Dinner at Cafe Mosaic on the Cardable website here.




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