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As Singapore progresses towards a smart nation and embraces big technological changes like mobile digital payments, we have to move with the beat so as not to lag behind. The government started the Smart Nation initiative with a vision to encourage innovation and technology not just in businesses, but also in our everyday lives. Aside from digital and contactless payment methods, we’re also seeing innovation plans for places like bus stops and hospitals.

Cardable’s goal has been to empower potential and existing cardholders to have a deeper understanding of their finances, by gathering information on credit card and non-credit card promotions and perks into one space. By pulling these data together and republishing them into digestible pieces, we hope to help our readers maximise their card(s) usage and stretch their dollar.

We’re delighted to be featured in an article on Let’s Talk Payment that talks about Singapore’s FinTech industry and many other exciting startups that contributed to Singapore’s status as one of Asia’s most important financial hubs. Let’s Talk Payment is an online space featuring news and content on emerging financial services and payments and has contributors who share insights on consumer financial services.

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Written by Debbie Lin

Debbie Lin

Debbie is a marketer currently living in the land of smiles. When Debbie is not writing content for Cardable or her beauty blog, you may catch her in a cafe with a latte, YouTube-ing dance videos to admire dance moves she can never pull off. Stalk her beauty passion on Instagram @sumnsubstance.

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