Citi Cash Back Card Rating & Reviews

Citi Cash Back Credit Card Reviews

Citi Cash Back Card: The Ultimate Cash Back You Deserve

Earn back your cash with the most trusted bank in town by signing up now! Be a part of the growing community that relies on outstanding perks Citi Bank Cards have to offer.

If you are a Grab passenger, Citi Cash Back Card will take you to places! Are you a food junkie? Take heart because you’ll be filled with your favorite foods at reasonable prices. Through the course of this discussion, you’ll be knowing more about Citi Cash Card, its convenient features, and how you can grab yours.

So, the following are components you should consider in getting your own Citi Cash Back Card:

Get Cashback & Discounts Privilege

Citibank is known for its global scope of services, thus, if you will avail their cards, your purchases are subjected to worldwide cash backs!

Dining Promotions

Citi Cashback Card gives you a 6% cashback at all F&B outlets worldwide. Feel like staying at home while having your sumptuous meal? Your card will also work it out for you! Lastly, you’re entitled for Citibank Gourmet Pleasures’ list of exquisite restaurants and bars in the country. Mouthwatering, isn’t it?

Groceries and Necessities

Be it a stroll in grocery stores and supermarkets or simply surfing through online shops for delivery, you’re qualified for 8% cash back by using your Cash Back Card in marts worldwide.

Petrol Products

Suit your car with quality fuel by recharging it in Esso and Shell branches. Save up to 20.88% of your fuel expenses and earn 8% cash back in other petrol stations around the globe. Truly, a more economical way of budgeting your daily expenditures.

SmartDrive Car Insurance

Avail your policy today and get up to 20% discount off your insurance premium with AXA SmartDrive. Link your Citi Credit Card and you will lose no sweat in paying your premium. You can hope for a full coverage of your car’s market price upon arising of any sudden misfortune. Choose among 3 insurance policy programs and access SmartDrive’s round-the-clock customer service assistance.

Other Privileges & Benefits

Earn up to 10% cash rebate on top of major benefits of your Citi Credit Card. This applies via 1 Citi rebate = 1SGD. You may also get a FREE Complimentary Travel Insurance upon activation before your departure. Finally, access the vast opportunities of online shopping worldwide thru Citi World Privileges and get freebies, rebates, and discounts in accredited items and shops.

Citi Cash Back Card definitely offers a world-class service for your choice of world-class products and services.

Determinants and Requirements of Eligibility

Like any other banks’ credit card application requirements, you have to be a 21-year old (and above) Singaporean or PR Visa holder who earns up to S$30,000 p.a. to avail your Cash Back Card. You’re not opted out if you’re a foreigner! Other banks actually require you to earn a minimum of S$45,000 p.a., yet Citi happened to be more considerate for as low as S$43,000 annually.

See table below for list of requirements.

Employee* Copy of NRIC/Passport
* Any one of the 3:
  – Latest electronic pay slip
  – Tax Notice of Assessment
  – Last 12 months of CPF Statement
Self-Employed* Copy of NRIC/Passport
* Last 2 years Income Tax Notice of Assessment
* Las 3 months of bank statements
Foreigner* Copy of NRIC and working permit
* A copy of any billings that indicate applicant’s
  name and address
* Income Tax Notice of Assessment
* Latest electronic pay slip

Interest, Fees, and Charges

An annual fee of S$192.60 for principal card and S$96.30 for supplementary card is all that it takes for you to acquire valuable spending and savings. Of course, the first year of your principal and (2) supplementary cards’ annual fees are waived. Visit the Citi’s chart to know more about the prevailing interest and charges once your card is made available for use. Terms and conditions may apply.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Citi Cash Back Card now!


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