Citi Prestige Card: Your Dream Life within Your Reach

Citi Prestige Card Review

Have you been hearing from your friends about rewards that can be earned just by using their credit cards? Or so it happened that you already have your credit card that doesn’t give off bonus such as reward points? Be in the know, and enjoy your travel and leisure activities with one of the most prestigious credit cards in the world!

What’s more, Citibank has just launched a new PayAll feature for Citi Prestige Card. Now, you can also earn miles/reward points (depending on card type) when you pay your tax, rent, condominium management fee, school fee or electricity bill with Citi PayAll on the Citi Mobile® App! 

Airline Miles & Citi Dollars

Get your free tickets to your dream destinations worldwide by earning points thru your Citi Prestige Card! To make things clear regarding your miles pointing system, your credit card’s miles earning method is different from that of airlines’ in-house programs. You are qualified to earn 2 Miles or 5 Citi Dollars for every S$1 you spend in goods and services overseas. While locally, you are entitled to 1.3 Miles or 3.25 Citi Dollars for every S$1 spent. On the other hand, airlines’ miles pointing system only depends the crediting of points based on mileage and number of trips you’ve conducted all throughout the period. Your Prestige Card undoubtedly gets you ahead of the track.

A sudden change of mind and in need of a booking cancellation? Most of cancellations will penalize you for doing so. But with your Prestige Card, it’s a different story. Cancel 3 days before your booking date with no charges. Such free cancellation will be nullified if you failed to submit it within 3 days, therefore, will leave you with necessary charges.

Hotels & Airports Services

Feel the repose as you get pampered by warm hotel accommodations while traveling, aided by a Citi-sponsored travel advisor upon your booking. Such travel advisor will discuss options, vital information, and best deals for you to have your worthwhile stay anywhere worldwide.

Anxiety, frustration, and disappointment usually take place whenever you’re boarding in airports. Experience featherweight traveling to your airport via Airport Limousine Transfers empowered by your Citi Prestige Card. Upon arrival, you need not to bend in uncomfortable seats and minimally maintained airport lobbies nor wait in long lines with onboarding passengers. Instead, you’ll be treated as VIP everywhere in the world thru your Priority Pass, still, made possible by your credit card.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

There’s so much more to your card’s Club21 Shopping Privilege with 10 Citi Dollars for every dollar you spend and Citi Globeshopper with 10% rebate at over 300 locations nationwide. Growling stomach? Your card will hand you the plates with Citi’s Gourmet Pleasures.

Swing your cut shot for those who love golfing because Citi’s Prestige Card will deliver winning deals for your game. Save your chance of hitting scores by subscribing through Citi Prestige Concierge bookings in US, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia using your credit card.

Some of the accredited golf clubs are as follows:

  • Sentosa Golf Club
  • Raffles Country Club
  • Sembawang Country Club
  • Mission Hills Country Club
  • Dongguan Hillview Golf Club
  • Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club
  • Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
  • Glenmarie Golf & Country Club
  • Ria Bintan Golf Club
  • Klub Golf Sukajadi
  • and many more

Feel Special by Your Prestige Card’s Special Features

Payment option can be linked to your bank account in line with your credit card payment every month. In this way, you only need to finance one account to pay off everything.

Having a large family circle? Worry not and share your benefits with no additional fees for multiple supplementary card applications.

Lost your card along the way? Have it replaced within 48 hours worldwide.

Stay secured and receive guaranteed amount of $100 for every unauthorised transaction.

You were all out excited over your newly purchased iPad using your Citi Prestige Card. You put the item in a corner stand to hail some taxi but as you went back to get your stuff, it’s already lost! Do not be anxious because your item is subject to indemnification program of up to S$5,000.

‘How do I get one of the freebies you’ve mentioned in the first part of this article?’ You have to sign up AND pay your annual membership fee of $535. From then on, you will enjoy dime-worthy perks of your lifetime.

*Apply for the Citi Prestige credit card here.


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