DBS Live Fresh Card: Top 4 Reasons to Apply for the Credit Card

DBS Live Fresh Visa Credit Card Reviews, Offers, Promos and Features in Singapore


Do you know of a three-in-one credit card?

You do now! The DBS Live Fresh Card is a three-in-one credit card that features not one, not two, but THREE payment options. You can use the credit card to pay for items via VISA payWave, VISA Checkout, and EZ-Link!

This means added convenience and speed every time you make payments. And, because it is brought to you by DBS, a leading financial institution in Singapore, you get the picture that it has a lot in store for you. As one of the top credit cards in Singapore (according to credible reviews), it seems as if you won’t be making a wrong turn with the card.

The three-in-one functionality of the Live Fresh Credit Card by DBS gives it an outstanding appeal. If you want to know of more reasons to send in a DBS Live Fresh Card application, here is a look on these reasons.

Reason 1 – You Can Enjoy HIGH Cashback Offer & Good Reward System

For all your online purchases, you get 5% cashback! So, let’s say that you spent SGD $2,000 on your last shopping spree for clothes, shoes, and household items at your favourite store. By applying the DBS Live Fresh Card 5% cashback offer, SGD $100 will be offered back to you!


Alongside the DBS cashback privilege, a reason to rejoice is the reward points that you get as a card holder. For every SGD $1 that you spend online, you get 3 DBS reward points. For every SGD $5 that you spend for in-store purchases, you get 1 DBS reward point.

Once these DBS reward points reach a particular amount (for example, 100 DBS reward points), you can exchange them for all sorts of items under different categories – Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping. If you continue using your card every time you shop for items or pay your bills, the reward points will just add up. Over time, you will have a bounty of points.

Reason 2 – Petrol Benefits Are Waiting for You

Petrol benefits are yours if you’re a DBS Live Fresh Card holder! Just make sure to buy fuel at participating merchant stations.

There are more than 70 SPC and Esso stations all over Singapore, and this is good news. At these stations, you can save a lot on fuel purchases.

The petrol savings that you get:

  • 15% discount (onsite) at SPC
  • 14% discount (onsite) at Esso
  • Up to 2.5% Smiles Points (for a minimum of 250 litres) at Esso

Reason 3 – The Card Is Widely Accepted by Latest Electronic Digital Payment Services

As mentioned, a great highlight about the DBS Live Fresh Credit Card is its three-in-one functionality – for VISA payWave, VISA Checkout, and EZ-Link payment options. With all of the continual introductions in technology, owning a credit card that keeps up with the modern times is gold.

As a card holder, you’re in for another bonus. With the DBS Live Fresh Card, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Apple Pay are also payment options. It’s definitely a plus that these latest electronic payment services can accept the card. This allows you to process your payment easier.

Reason 4 – You’re in for a Treat with Grand Dining Deals

As a DBS Live Fresh Card holder, you’re an elite because of the DBS Lifestyle perks on dining. You can get up to 50% discounts when you dine at the restaurants of more than 1,000 participating merchants all over Singapore.

Some of the participating merchants that offer grand deals on dining are:

  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Dallas Restaurant
  • Tampopo
  • Richmond Station
  • The Dessert Asylum TOBY’s
  • Long Chim Singapore
  • 4Fingers Chicken
  • Perfetto Café

Conclusion: DBS Live Fresh for Shoppers

The DBS Live Fresh Card is a promising credit card for average and heavy shoppers – both online and in-store shoppers. If you spend money on items frequently, taking advantage of cashback privileges, special promos, and other benefits seems practical, right?

So, if you feel that it is the right credit card to sign up for, go ahead. Up to SGD $160 cashback offer is up for grabs upon approval of the card application. On your first two years, the annual fees of SGD $128.40 (for principal card) and SGD $64.20 (for every supplementary card) are waived.

Simply present valid proof that you’re 21 years of age (or older), as well as valid proof of minimum annual income per year (SGD $30,000 for Singaporeans or SGD $45,000 for non-Singaporeans). Visit the DBS website for more details.

What are your thoughts about the DBS Live Fresh Card? This post has enlightened you with the reasons why you should apply for the card. Do you think these reasons are good enough? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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