Best Father's Day Promotions In Singapore

Father’s Day Promotions in Singapore 2019

8 Best Father’s Day Promotions & Gift Ideas


❤️ Father’s day is just round the corner, coming right up on 16 June 2019! Whether it is Father, Papa, Daddy or Ah Pa to you, we all want to make sure the first hero in our lives gets to know just how much he is appreciated. It might be a little difficult deciding upon the perfect gift, so here are some ideas for this amazing unsung hero 👨

What to do? Where to eat? Where’s the best buffet dining for Father’s Day in Singapore? Here are some ideas to make Father’s day special:

1. A Happy Belly 

So the way to a man’s heart, whatever his age, could very well still be his tummy. Which father doesn’t love a filling, hearty meal? Take dad out for a lovely buffet and spend some quality time together! More than anything, the memories you make together on that day is what matters the most; a gift he’s sure to keep close to his heart for years to come. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Make use of the on-going offers and promotions to select a nice place for your family to dine at! 

Credit: Food Exchange, Novotel Singapore on Stevens

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chope buffet deals
Credit: Chope

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2. A Staycation… with Mum! 

Yes, it might be Father’s Day, but sometimes we all need some quiet time away from… the kids 😆 So a staycation with his first love might just be as special and memorable for your dad this Father’s Day. Well, you can still gatecrash their staycation with a nice dinner buffet for some family time! 

Fairmont Singapore hotel room
Credit: Fairmont Singapore

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3. Be in the Know with Techy Stuff

Some dads have adapted to the growth of technology, and some are still catching up. Is there an electronic gadget or device that your dad has always wanted but is too stingy to fork out the money to get? Maybe a new computer, TV, smartphone, a new hard disk drive or perhaps a new DSLR?

Well, Father’s Day deals will be the perfect time for you to buy it for him. Check out Lazada or Creative Online for some great offers for a wide variety of gadgets to choose from. Anything you might think would help your dad – they’ve got it! Help Papa stay hip by getting them the latest speaker, tablet or phone accessory. 

Credit: Lazada

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4. A Timeless Gift to Keep Time

Watches are probably the most timeless gifts a father can receive. Not only do they tell time, they tell stories and speak of a person’s character as well. Men view watch as an important and powerful accessory, and are often intrigued by the automatic mechanism behind them. Having more than one watch is quite the norm, so why not make this father’s day special by buying dad an amazing, one-of-a-kind Stuhrling Original watch? 

Credit: Sean Paul Kinnear via Unsplash

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5. New Eyewear & Sunnies

With age, a human’s eyesight is bound to deteriorate. Dad having problems reading your texts or scanning through the daily newspaper? Then a pair of brand new spectacles or some new contact lens might just make the perfect gift for him. This may be the best opportunity to get him a new and trendy pair of spectacles!


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6. Starter Kit to Get Active

In an urban city like Singapore where the working culture can be fast-paced and competitive, people easily neglect their health when they prioritise work above all else. This Father’s Day, try motivating your dad to get back (or keep up) in shape by getting him some brand new sports gear from Nike. Check out the promotion below, and you can also get your mum a matching pair to spur your parents into getting fit together!

Man running
Credit: Chander R via Unsplash

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7. Indulge in a Good Cake

What’s a celebration without some delicious cake? Not exactly an exciting one, that’s what. Complete your Father’s Day celebration by choosing from a large selection of mouth watering cheesecakes from the Cat & The Fiddle. They also have some unique local flavours such as “Milo Dinosaur” and “King Cat of the Mountain” that may suit your Papa’s tastebuds. What makes buying these lovely cakes even better is that you can get them at a discount! Tasty, without breaking the bank!

Cat and the Fiddle Cakes
Credit: Cat & the Fiddle

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8. A Durian Treat

It’s that time of the year where the best durians are out in full force! Where would be the best place to indulge in this treat but home? #GrabDurian is here to make our durianlicious dreams come true with GrabFood’s on-demand durian delivery service in 7 locations, sent to your doorstep in 35 minutes or less! Available daily from 6 June to 28 August 2019 between 4pm to 8pm. Sold in a bundle of 2 boxes (400g/box), each gold box of goodness is packed and sealed fresh daily so you can be sure you are getting the best quality MSW out there! 

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🎁 Here are more ideas of what you can get your dad:

  •      Vacation

Does your dad enjoys seeing the world? If so, then paying for his vacation will be the perfect gift for someone like him. Check out the list of travel promotions available on Cardable! Choose from amazing travel deals for accommodations from, to both flight + hotels such as and more.

  •      Clothes & Accessories

Dads can never have enough of shirts, polo tees, belts or even ties! How about a new wallet? Or a nice new cap and comfortable walking shoes? Lazada’s a great place to start looking as they have a variety of brands like Nike, Puma, Asics and more that are available on their official stores.

If you are looking for really nice men’s accessories, you would never go wrong with something from The Little Link! One of the most popular men’s accessories local online store around, from cufflinks to ties and more, you can easily find something that your dad will really love and treasure.


Maybe you can spend the day outside and go to interesting places. He might show you where used to be his school or where he used to work, or even where his old kampung house was!

  •      Sentosa Island

Visited by some twenty million people every year, Sentosa Island is a perfect place for you to go spend your Father’s day. From the beach, two golf courses, S.E.A Aquarium and so much more. Take a look at KLOOK for some ideas and discounted admission tickets!

  •     Singapore River Cruise

Bring your dad and the family on a leisurely cruise along Singapore River! Listen to your dad’s stories of how that area used to be when he was young and have a nice afternoon reminiscing together.

So there you go, our recommendations to celebrate your dad this Father’s Day! This year, Father’s Day falls on 16 June 2019. Sunday is the perfect day for you to spend and make Father’s day a very special day for Daddy dearest.

If your dad is a typical Asian dad and a man of few words, you know he doesn’t mean what he says about not fussing over this day for him! Be a simple meal, a small present, going out to spend the day or simply just spending quality time watching tv at home – it’s the thought of making an effort to show your appreciation for him that matters most.


You don’t even have to take him out or buy him things. Depending on his love language, maybe he is just contented with a cup of his favourite coffee and hawker-style carrot cake. There are a lot of things you can do for your dad that’ll make him enjoy his special day even more. Getting his favourite food for breakfast is always a great way to start someone’s day.

You can also do his chores for him. Wash and wax the car, take out the trash outside, clean the gutter, etc. Maybe watch his favorite movie or sport with him at home over a beer or two. These small gestures shows your dad that you care about him, especially when you do it lovingly. Any gesture you do for him will be special for him if you do it wholeheartedly.

Most of all, enjoy your day with your family! ❤️


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