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Friends who Shop Deals Together, Stay Together!

Share & Save up to 70% with ezbuy’s Friends Deal


Ezbuy’s 618 mid-year super sale happening from 16-18 June 2017!
Enjoy Free Agent Fee + 30% Off China Air Shipment* + 30% Sea Shipment.
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Do your friends enjoy a good deal as much as you do? If your answer is yes, then share some love with them with Friends Deal over at ezbuy.

While wholesale pricing was always exclusive only to retailers and companies buying product stocks in huge quantities, now you can save money simply by tapping on the power of your social network by sharing the deal you are keen in with your friends and when enough people join, the Friends Deal is secured and everyone will get to enjoy the discounted price.

There are up to 10-20 active deals available daily. Each deal offers the best price, at up to 40% lower than regular retail prices (RRP), secured from merchants based in USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Concerned about expiry dates? All local consumables sold on ezbuy Friends Deal have at least 6 months expiry or otherwise stated. Suppliers who sell local consumables have to verify their manufacture source or guarantee the quality to their best efforts.

Friends Deal is only accessible only via ezbuy’s mobile site or the app.


Here are some top picks on what’s good to buy!

1) Milo Cubes (100pcs) at S$5.90 (5 to deal)

2) Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (Lavender) at S$23.99 (2 to deal)

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3) [Bundle of 3] Unicharm Japan Mamypoko Diapers and Pants at S$48.95 (3 to deal)

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Start the Deal
Choose your preferred deal and start the deal by placing an order first.

Step 2: Share the Deal
Share the Friends Deal link with your friends to complete the deal.
*Make sure orders are made via the shared link to complete the deal.

Step 3: Save, save, save!
Enjoy big savings when the deal is successful within 24 hours or the remaining limited time period of the deal.

If you have more questions about Friends Deal, check out the FAQs here.

Do you have something you really want to see on Friends Deal? You can share your wishlist with ezbuy here! Happy Sharing and Shopping!


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