How to get up to 12% cash rebates on your online and overseas purchases this May and June 2017

Get rewarded for your spend

Do you love to shop? Or perhaps you pride yourself as an excellent bargain hunter? Whichever you are, enjoy bigger and better offers this May and June with special online and overseas savings with your HSBC credit cards.

What is the deal? During this period, with your HSBC credit cards, you’ll get massive 12% cash rebates on weekends and 6% cash rebate on weekdays for your online and overseas spending. Now you can start thinking about the holiday you’ve been dreaming of, or that latest gadget you’ve been eyeing from that online shop.


Details of Cash rebates:

From 1 May to 30 June 2017, simply be the first 5,000 cardholders to spend a minimum of S$1,000 within the qualifying period on your HSBC credit card. Your online or overseas purchases on weekdays will give you a 6% cash rebate, whereas transactions made on weekends will double your savings with a 12% cash rebate.

Qualifying Period

Minimum Qualifying Spend

Cash Rebate

On Eligible Online & Overseas Transactions

Transact on weekdays

Transact on weekends

Qualifying Period 1:

1 to 31 May 2017




Qualifying Period 2:

1 to 30 June 2017


*Cap of S$200 on cash rebate per qualifying period. Please refer to for T&Cs.

Further discounts at these online partners with HSBC credit cards:

Sounds like a big deal yet? There’s more. Get various discounts when you use your HSBC credit card at these well-known online merchants. Full list of online merchants can be viewed at Terms and conditions apply.

We did some research on scenarios below where you can maximise this special cash rebate and save heavily in this two months. It is time to shop strategically and flaunt your money saving skills.

How to maximise savings for your holidays

Planning a trip to Tokyo


Let’s imagine you are planning for a trip for two to Tokyo.

You go onto Expedia to get roundtrip tickets for two at S$1,000. No savings on air tickets though, but not to worry, you secure your Tokyo hotel for S$400 and get a 15% off when you book your accommodations through Expedia.

Perhaps you want to maximise your quick escape from Singapore’s bustling city life and fully experience Japan’s culture while you are there. Via, you book a city tour for S$100, saving you 12% off published rates during this promotional period.

Spending on your HSBC credit card in May will look something like:


Full Price

Savings from HSBC Merchant


Savings from HSBC 12% Cash Rebates

(assuming you booked everything on a weekend)

Total Savings

2 Tickets to Tokyo

(via Expedia)





Tokyo Hotel

(via Expedia)



(15% off)



City Tour




(12% off)



Rail tickets, internet

(via KKday)



(20% off)








Figures rounded off to the nearest dollar.

*Cap of S$200 on cash rebate, min spend of S$1,000 required. Please check HSBC T&Cs.

These should have cost S$1,600 without the merchant discounts, but instead you save S$274 because of HSBC cash rebates and card promotions. Give yourself a pat on the back, now you can reward yourself to a better meal in Tokyo!

Saving while in Tokyo

Fast forward to your Tokyo holiday in June. You arm yourself with your HSBC credit card knowing that you will be well rewarded on your overseas spending as you were with your online spending .

A meal at one of the many Michelin-star restaurants in Tokyo is your idea of a great start to an awesome holiday. That doesn’t come cheap though, S$400 to be exact.

Of course, you don’t miss out on shopping in one the biggest cities in Asia. Some shopping done for yourself and for friends back home amount to S$800.

A Japanese onsen bath to take a break from the walking is much needed, and you spend another S$300 to let your body and feet rest.

Many know Tokyo as a vertical city, which makes rooftop bars immensely popular among locals and tourists. You witness for yourself Tokyo’s beauty by visiting one of the rooftop bars on a Sunday night. The drinks add up to about S$150, but the view? Priceless.


Full Price

Savings from HSBC

Cash Rebates

Fine-dining meal



(Weekday – 6% rebate)




(Weekend – 12% rebate)

Spa & massage



(Weekend – 12% rebate)

Rooftop bar



(Weekend – 12% rebate)




*Cash rebate applies to overseas transactions successfully carried out outside Singapore and charged in a foreign currency.

All of these transactions, paid for with a HSBC credit card, amount to S$1,650. Sounds pretty hefty, isn’t it?

However, with HSBC’s Online and Overseas Rebate Campaign, you will be getting back S$174. Some guilt from the shopping indulgence just got lifted off your shoulders!

How to maximise savings for online shopping



If travelling out of the country is not possible during this period, perhaps a day out at Universal Studios Singapore® will do the trick.

A regular, one-day pass to Universal Studios Singapore® costs S$76 for an adult and S$56 for a child. So along with 5 other friends, you decide to visit Universal Studios Singapore® in June and buy your tickets online in advance on a weekend.

Fully aware of how beneficial the cash rebates from HSBC’s Online and Overseas Rebate Campaign can be, you meticulously plan the rest of your expenditure for the month of June. Groceries and necessities for the house? On RedMart, of course. You make your purchases on every Sunday mornings of June to prepare for the week ahead. That amounts up to S$700 for the month.

You stock up on your usual skincare products and purchase that latest lipstick you’ve heard many friends talk about. Beauty doesn’t come cheap, and these sum up to S$300.

Now to book and pay in advance online for a pedicure and a facial. That is you ending the month of June off on a sweet note with S$250 of self-pampering. It isn’t that bad right?

Using your HSBC credit card for all these online purchases, how much do they cost you?


Your Spend

Savings from HSBC

Cash Rebates

Universal Studios Singapore® tickets (online store)



(Weekend – 12% rebate)

RedMart groceries



(Weekend – 12% rebate)

Beauty products

(online store)



(Weekend – 12% rebate)

Facial and pedicure

(online store)



(Weekday – 6% rebate)




Figures rounded off to the nearest dollar.

*To qualify, Retail Purchases need to be made via the internet and processed by merchant/acquirer as an online transaction type.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that your spending in June add up to a big amount, S$1,650 to be exact. But what amazes you is that with the cash rebates, you will save S$181. Those careful planning with HSBC’s Online and Overseas Rebate Campaign really paid off. Remember, the cash rebate is only valid for merchants classified by Visa/MasterCard as an online transaction type, so get creative!

What’s next?

Follow the simple steps below to be able to participate.

  1. Simply register for this promotion by sending an SMS in the following format to 74722: REBATE <space> 16-digit credit card number (e.g. REBATE 4835123456789000)
  2. Be the first 5,000 to charge a minimum qualifying spend of S$1,000 within either qualifying month.
  3. The first 5,000 registered cardholders that meet the minimum qualifying spend for qualifying period 1 (month of May) and/or 2 (month of June) will then receive the cash rebate, subject to a cap of S$200 for each cardholder per qualifying period.
  4. Please also do read through the full terms and conditions at

12% cash rebate on your spending? Now that’s a big deal.

If you don’t have a HSBC credit card yet, click here to find out more on how you can sign up for one while getting rewarded with exciting signup gifts.

This post is brought to you in partnership with HSBC Credit Cards.

Written by Ray Ow

Ray Ow

Ray is the CEO and founder of Cardable, the #1 Credit Card loyalty Site in Singapore.

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