HSBC Visa Platinum Review, Key Features and Privileges

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card & the Best Perks of the Platinum Card in Singapore


Picture this: because you received an emergency call, you’re in a hurry to pay for cans of beer and a couple of potato chips (the total is SGD $60) at a convenient store. How do you proceed?

You can choose to abandon the items you’re supposed to buy. You can also go on and pay for the items with your HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card, and be done in a few minutes.

The second option seems better. That way, you can buy the items you want, and not take too long. In just a few minutes, you can attend to your emergency as you please.


Because HSBC VISA Platinum is payWave-enabled, it means that you can make the transaction in less than five minutes! You simply have to wave your card for the payWave reader to recognize it. As long as the transaction does not exceed SGD $100, it’s acceptable. And, rest assured that being VISA payWave-enabled is not the only exciting offer of HSBC VISA Platinum!

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Here’s a list of the best perks of the card.

Petrol Discounts

According to many credit card reviews, HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card is one of the top-ranking cards to use for fuel purchases. As you discover the savings that are offered to you as a card holder, the ranking wouldn’t be a mystery.

More than 20% petrol savings are granted to you at Caltex and Shell if you pay using HSBC VISA Platinum. You can earn 5% cashback and more than 15% discount. Overall, you’re the winner.

VISA Advantages

It is a VISA-branded card, HSBC VISA Platinum. VISA-branded credit cards come with advantages. These advantages are exclusive to card holders. More importantly, these advantages are recognizable by many merchants worldwide.

As a VISA-branded card, HSBC Platinum Credit Card holders are entitled to special offers in a wide variety of categories. You can avail of promos under travel, shopping, dining, golf, entertainment, and more!

Registered to the Home & Away Programme

HSBC Platinum VISA is registered under the Home & Away Programme. This means that it comes with top-notch privileges for shopping, dining, health and beauty, and travel. It’s a bonus that the rewards are updated regularly. With the ever-changing demands of society, a regularly updated system is well-appreciated.

SGD $1 Is Equal to 1 Reward Point

How much do you spend on a monthly basis? Think about the money you spend for your meals, groceries, shopping delights, utilities, and more.

With HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card rewards system, SGD $1 is equal to 1 reward point. This means that ALL of your spending won’t go wasted. Just wait for them to accumulate and wait until they reach a grand amount. You can redeem them later on.

Let’s say that you spend around SGD $1,500 monthly. According to HSBC rewards system, you get 1,500 reward points monthly! In ten months, that’s 15,000 reward points. With that amount of points, the possibilities are promising. You can avail of savings on utility bills, you can enjoy glorious shopping rewards, you can receive fabulous gifts, and you can travel to another country!

Cashback Privileges on Groceries & Utilities

Buying groceries and paying for utility services (such as TV and mobile) are among the monthly activities you do, right? Well, the news of your entitlement to cashback privileges on groceries and utilities should be pleasant news to you. Yes, with HSBC Platinum VISA, cashback, when you buy groceries and pay for utilities, is given to you.

5% cashback for grocery-shopping and paying utilities is a great deal. More so, it’s a great deal because whether or not there’s cashback, you’re going to shop for groceries and pay utility bills anyway. Just make sure to use your HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card when doing so.


The Last Word on HSBC VISA Platinum

While some are concerned about the capped cashback (SGD $120 cap for three months in a quarter), HSBC VISA Platinum customers insist that it’s a value-loaded card. For the many advantages that being a VISA Platinum card holder gives, complaining about the capped cashback is rather unreasonable.

Overall, HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card is commendable. The benefits are outstanding. Especially if you’re a frequent credit card user, you can definitely maximise your spending. Check out the HSBC website to get more information, and apply.

If you have yet to avail of the card, as well as other HSBC credit cards, what are you waiting for? If you apply, SGD $140 (SGD $60 for the existing customer) welcome bonus is yours. You can also get SGD $20 if you apply for a supplementary card.

So, what do you think of HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card? Cashback privileges, rebates, discounts, and other awesome offers will come to you as a card holder. If you think you’re lucky to discover the credit card, kindly comment below. Feel free to share related thoughts, too!




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