How to Make Any Buffet in Singapore Worth Every Cent

How to Make Any Buffet in Singapore Worth Every Cent

Tips to Maximise Your Buffet Experience


Where does one find the most Value-For-Money Buffet deals and promotions? You might have tried browsing through lists and pages of online reviews on the best 1 For 1 buffet deals, top credit card buffet promotions, in search of that one buffet to invest in.

But has it ever occurred to you that you play a part too in ensuring if a buffet dinner would be value-for-money?

You could look for the best buffet promos, the highly rated 5-star buffet, the top seafood buffets or Asian Mediterranean buffets, but if you don’t eat to your fullest potential, even an affordable Michelin-starred buffet won’t be worth it.

I love buffets. But unfortunately, I have a rather small stomach. I can never make it past two helpings before calling it quits. Thus, sadly, my family often dissuades me from buffets, telling me it is a complete waste of money on myself.

However, this all changed recently when a friend of mine taught me some tricks to outdo yourself at any buffet in Singapore. If you’re the fanatic buffet lover, read on to find out how you can achieve the most satisfying buffet experience for yourself.


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As Sun Tzu once said, “The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand.” Calculated planning needs to be made to ensure that $80 All You Can Eat buffet will be worth every cent.

The Buffet Winning Strategy

Buffet plates

The average buffet eater prepares his stomach on the day of the buffet dinner, or at the very most, a day before. Most people would choose to skip breakfast, or even lunch, or perhaps, munch on a few light bites throughout the day just enough to keep his stomach empty and gearing to go for the buffet dinner at night.

But if you want to conquer that sumptuous dinner spread and make every penny spent worthwhile, the checkmate move is to prepare your body one week earlier.

One week before the big day, seize the opportunity (or excuse) to indulge in hearty meals, a little heavier than what you normally consume. Give your body the chance to get used to a bigger appetite and diet. To do that naturally and healthily, ramp up the number of workout days and start exercising more frequently! Start swimming, jogging, or even working out in the gym. That’s right, you do have to work a little harder to eat a little more.  Not only will exercising burn those extra calories, it will enlarge your appetite as well – perfect for a grand buffet in the next week.

On the day of the buffet dinner, one may ask: should I be skipping breakfast and lunch? Contrary to popular belief, do NOT skip meals. You do need a reasonably empty stomach but don’t starve yourself throughout the day! Have some light refreshments and eat if you have any hunger pangs, especially if you suffer from gastric, just enough to maintain those food cravings. Skipping meals will only create stomach gases, which is the last thing you want to fill those spaces in your tummy on the day itself. Apart from what is necessary, however, do not eat more than your fill.

3 hours before, stop all snacking and eating, and in fact, try to clear your bowels. Know your own body and what kinds of foods or drinks aid your digestion and bowel movements. I personally recommend prune juices as a relatively effective and natural laxative. However, if you prefer a fool-proof option, I can assure you that oral laxatives will do the job, though it might have to be taken 8 hours before instead depending on the label instructions. But unfortunately, you have to be prepared to grit your teeth through the pain and stomach cramps.

If you know what sort of activities makes you get hungry easily, try to engage in those activities. Otherwise, I suggest that you can do a few more light stomach and abdominal work-outs just to ensure all stomach gases have been passed, and then, get dressed and be ready to enjoy a hearty satisfying buffet dinner.

At The Buffet



Be prepared to stay here for at least 3 hours – any less won’t do you good. Before you delve right into the meal, take note of a few tips:

  • Minimize consumption of rice, breads, noodles, pasta or any carbohydrates, in fact – they will fill you up quickly
  • Avoid drinking too much liquids, drink only when needed
  • Avoid overly spicy foods as they create an illusion of fullness in your belly, and they often result in your gulping more liquids than you should

Round 1


The first round is the food-tasting round, where you will test the waters. You wouldn’t know how any of the dishes would taste, so feel free to try as many dishes as you like – the more the merrier. But take only very small portions of food! Begin with the entrees, move on to the main courses and complete your rounds with the deserts.

Round 2

Now that you know which items pleases your taste buds, narrow down to your favourite dishes and dig in. Sashimi platters, appetizers, barbeque, steak, lamb chops, seafood or even desserts – eat as you please! This second round will be the most satisfying segment of the dinner, where you get the chance to savour the dishes that appeal most to you. The excitement of the buffet dinner and the novelty of the delectable dishes have yet to worn off, so indulge in it while you can!

The only word of caution I have is to avoid soups, if possible, and liquids. Don’t drink water especially if you’re eating! They’ll cause you to feel bloated.

At this point in time, it might have been 1 hour into the buffet already and the bloated sensation is slowly starting to settle in the pit of your stomach. Take it slow, but do not call it quits yet.

The trick here now is to take two sips of gassy carbonated drinks or even beer, to aid in your burping out any unwanted gases in your stomachs!

Round 3

Having cleared up some space, you’re ready for round three of another helping. Once again, narrow down to a few favourites and eat heartily. To make this meal a little more interesting, mix up the courses a little – there are no longer any rules to which come first. Salads can help to enlarge your appetite and so can sour foods, so those options may help to ease the bloated sensations.

It would be good now to walk around the dining area slowly, or even take a stroll to the restroom to help with the food digestion.

Round 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and…

When you’re ready, at your own time, enter rounds four and five! You have all day, so there is no hurry. The trick is to take a break when you’re bloated and wait it out before charging towards the buffet queue once more.


And there you have it – this is my two cents worth of how to effectively devour and maximise any top buffets in Singapore.

You’re now ready to tackle any buffet. Fairmont, Continental, Marriott Singapore, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La – those hotel buffets won’t know what hit them when you arrive!


Written by Elaine Tay

Marketing intern at Cardable, she has been exposed to credit cards and the banking industry. She enjoys writing and editing blog articles on various topics, as well as managing social media for companies.


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