Rejected Credit Card Singapore

Rejected Credit Card Application in Singapore: Why Were You Declined?

Reasons for credit card declined

Have you submitted a credit card application form with high hopes? Were those hopes crushed upon receiving information that your application was declined?

With your current employment, you swear you can handle the responsibility of being a credit card owner. But, you were rejected.

You were informed that the reason behind the rejection is a “young account age”. If you’re scratching your head as you try to determine the logic behind the rejection. For you, the reason isn’t sensible.

But, yes, a young account age is a valid reason for getting your credit card application rejected. With no valid credit history, many financial institutions are reluctant to grant you a card. This is because they have no idea of your reputation; these financial institutions are unaware of risk and money management style, pending debts, and more. In other words, granting you a credit card would be too risky for them.

Then again, an unseasoned account history is only one of the reasons why your credit card application was turned down. Alongside, card application approval depends on the rules and regulations of a particular financial institution.

Read on to explore other possibilities.

Multiple Credit Card Application

If you applied for multiple credit cards, there’s more than 50% chance of rejection. This is because multiple applications can affect your credit score. This is because every time you submit an application, your credit score suffers – in spite of 0 debts.

While it is relatively low and can subside eventually, the effect is a valid reason for a declined application. The trick is to lose the additional applications to different financial institutions. Focus on one financial institution that offers you the best credit card deal. Make sure you fit the requirements, and you’re good to go!

Low Credit Score

Having high (or at least enough) credit score is important. A low credit score suggests that you’re unreliable when it comes to using previous credit cards. It may mean that you submit payments late, you disregard due dates, and/or you repeatedly max out credit limits.

As Credit Bureau Singapore says, your credit score reveals your payment history. This means that your credit score contains the information that can help with the assessment of financial institutions on you.

Salary = Need High Numbers

A financial institution can give you a rejection letter if you fail to satisfy salary requirements. You have to submit proof (such as certificate of employment and monthly salary slip).

Many credit card companies in Singapore require SGD $30,000 of minimum annual income. If you make SGD $28,000, your application will be denied.

The issue of a low salary also goes hand in hand with other concerns about a person’s current employment. If you’re employed by an individual or a company that has a negative reputation, you’re more likely to be declined, too.

On the Verge of Bankruptcy

If you’re nearing bankruptcy, financial institutions will only view you (particularly, your credit card application) as a problem. Because you’ll threaten their stability and security, consider yourself unwelcomed.

Put yourself in their shoes. If someone approaches you to borrow SGD $1,000 while he hasn’t paid off almost SGD $5,000 from ten other people, will you let him borrow money? Of course, you wouldn’t. By the looks of it, he’s broke and doesn’t have the ability to re-pay you.

Final Thoughts: Turning Rejection into Approval

Upon a close look at the different possibilities why your application for a credit card got rejected, you can see that most (if not, all) rejections are only fair – both to you and to the financial institutions. Wanting a credit card doesn’t automatically mean that you deserve one. You have to give a financial institution a reason (or plenty of reasons) to grant you one.

Just make sure you’re aware of a financial institution’s requirements. Apart from that, find out more about its ways (such as the preferred credit card holder and credit ratings), too. Once you understand all these, working towards getting an application approved can be effortless.

If you’ve been rejected before, don’t be discouraged. At least, you can account it to experience. After some time, you can re-apply. And, the next time around, you are better prepared for the approval.

What do you have to say? Have you ever been rejected when you applied for a credit card? Do you think the experience was fair? If you agree or disagree, kindly comment below.

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