Apple Pay Singapore

How To Use Apple Pay In Singapore

The Ultimate Guide: How to use Apple Pay in Singapore

Are you familiar with Apple Pay?

On its first release in Singapore on April 19, 2016, American Express card holders were the only eligible ones who could use Apple Pay. Well, shortly after, it looks like things have taken a turn for the better – to accommodate a much wider group of card holders.

A month later, on May 25, 2016, the limit was lifted, and Apple Pay began to accommodate MasterCard and VISA card holders. Five major banks in the country began to participate, as well.

Now, more than 80% of credit and debit card holders in Singapore can use Apple Pay. And, while some can seamlessly work their way around it, others could use help in getting by with the digital payment service.

Do you think you could use help with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay 101

Apple Pay, introduced by Apple, Inc. on October 20, 2014 to US-issued card holders, is a digital contactless payment service. It also works as a wallet service. It allows you to make transactions successfully with the use of Apple devices – such as an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac. It supports iOS 8.1 (and later versions), iOS 10 for web transactions, watchOS, and macOS Sierra (and later versions).

To confirm a user’s identity, it uses a two-factor authentication method. It works together with a contactless payment terminal – regardless whether or not a terminal is Apple Pay-specific.

As mentioned, in May 2016, five major banks privileged their clients to use Apple Pay. These banks are:

  1. Standard Chartered Bank
  2. UOB (or United Overseas Bank)
  3. DBS (or Development Bank of Singapore)
  4. OCBC (or Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation)
  5. POSB (or Post Office Savings Bank)

Update: As at September 2017, the list has expanded to include the following providers who support Apple Pay.

  1. American Express (Note: Bank-issued AMEX cards are not supported)
  2. HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)

The Setup Process

Setting up Apple Pay on Apple devices is quick and easy. It can take you just a few minutes.

You have to do this properly, not only so you can start making transactions through Apple Pay. This is for your security, too. In case a particular Apple device becomes inaccessible (for example, it gets lost or stolen), you can easily discontinue the service.

How to setup Apple Pay on iPad, iPhone, and Mac:

  1. On your iPad, iPhone, and/or Mac, tap open the Wallet app. There, tap Add Credit/Debit Card and allow your card to be scanned.

Usually, the scanning process will involve the automatic generation of your card number. If your iPad, iPhone, and/or Mac can’t recognise the 15-digit card number, you have to key in the right numbers manually.

  1. Once the recognition of your card number is successful, you will be asked for additional details about your card. Provide the Security Code and the Expiration Date.
  2. After you have provided the Security Code and the Expiration Date, you will need to proceed to the verification process. You will choose between two options:
    1. Verify via e-mail
    2. Verify via text message

Once you receive the verification code (via e-mail or text message), enter it on your iPad, iPhone, and/or Mac.

How to setup Apple Pay on Apple Watch:

  1. On your Apple Watch, select Wallet & Apple Pay. There, tap Add Credit/Debit Card and allow your card to be scanned.
  2. Once your Apple Watch finishes scanning your card, you will be asked to enter a Pass Code.
  3. After you have provided a Pass Code, you will need to proceed to the verification process. You will choose between two options:
    1. Verify via e-mail
    2. Verify via text message

Once you receive the verification code (via e-mail or text message), enter it on your Apple Watch.

The DOs & DON’Ts

The goal here is to start using Apple Pay like a pro. Don’t worry if you’re new to the payment service. Given a few days’ time, you will get the hang of it. It’s almost effortless to learn – as long as you follow instructions to the letter.

Because your goal is to be an expert Apple Pay user, you should be able to identify the good and the bad practices.

Things that you can DO:

  • Hold your Apple device near the payment terminal once a cashier has acknowledged your order.
  • On your Apple Watch, always select Wallet & Apple Pay first before you pay.

Things that you should NOT DO:

  • DO NOT use Apple Pay hurriedly because it might add confusion to the processing of payments. Make sure that you’re 100% certain that you’ll be transacting with a payment terminal that accepts Apple Pay. When in doubt, look for the Apple Pay label on a payment terminal.
  • DO NOT simply hover your Apple Watch near the payment terminal. Otherwise, your payment will not be acknowledged.

FYI: What to Do When Apple Device Becomes Inaccessible?

As suggested, the proper setup of Apple Pay on Apple devices is important. After all, you can’t rule out the possibility that your device will become inaccessible.

Some unwanted possibilities are:

  • What if you lose your card?
  • What if your card gets stolen?
  • What if you lose your iPad?
  • What if your iPhone gets stolen?
  • What if someone uses your Apple Watch without your permission?
  • What if your Mac won’t run anymore?

In case of these unwanted possibilities, what are you supposed to do? Do you panic?

Well, you can panic, but you don’t have to. The security of your Apple Pay account, as well as your card, is not compromised.

The 15-digit number on your card is not the one that’s saved on your Apple device. Instead, the stored data is the unique digital identifier – an encrypted version of it.

The solution is simple. On your Apple device, just go to your iCloud account’s Apple Pay section. Tap Find my iPhone (or a particular Apple device). Then, switch on Lost Mode. This will deactivate Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts: Using Apple Pay Is Easy

In Singapore, an increasing number of businesses allow payments via Apple Pay. Learning how to use it will come in handy when more merchants and businesses adopt the use of digital and contactless payment. This form of payment brings about convenience and lowers the risk of money theft. You decrease the hassle of going to an ATM to withdraw cash, or the risk of forgetting your credit card bills and earning a late-payment charge. It is quick, neat and may very well become a preferable choice of payment in the Lion City.


Are you already using Apply Pay, or any other types of digital payments? We’d love to hear about your experiences and how it compares to the usage of cash and credit cards. Drop us a comment below!

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