Top 4 Reasons Why the American Express Platinum Card Is Perfect for Every Singaporean

American Express Platinum Card Review, Key Features and Privileges in Singapore

  1. Philips 32” 32PHT5200 Slim LED TV.
  2. 76 Cm Samsonite Sigma Expandable Spinner.
  3. B&O PLAY H5.

All three of these latest gears are worth SGD $1,508 overall. And, these latest gears are yours for the taking if you sign up for the Platinum Card by American Express. This is option #1.

If you want, you can go with option #2 for your welcome bonus. You can choose the SGD $321 annual fee waiver. That comes with a free 57 Cm Samsonite Armet Spinner Expandable Luggage.

If you find the welcome offer options lovely, but you are not really won over by the American Express Card, why not read on? Listed below are five reasons why an American Express Platinum Card registration should be in order.

Reason 1: SGD $0.80 = 1 Reward Point

For every 80 cents that you spend as an American Express Platinum Card holder, rewards are waiting for you. The current earn rate is SGD $0.80 = 1 reward point.

If you shop at American Express Platinum partners, the earn rate is 5x as much. SGD $0.80 = 5 reward points. These partners are merchants that belong to different categories. Some of these partners are The Hour Glass, Tung Lok Signatures, Senso Ristorante and Bar, and Infinity Auto Sales.

Reason 2: Great, Great Discounts on Entertainment, Golf & Dining

What do you say to a reward system that offers too-good-to-be-true discounts and freebies? Particularly, these special perks are on Entertainment, Golf, and Dining. It’s awesome, right? Well, the offer is just right there on the table as soon as you apply for American Express Platinum Card.

The offers:

  • Entertainment
    • Get SGD $10.50 movie tickets (on weekends) and SGD $8 movie tickets (on weekdays) at Cathay Cineplexes
    • Complimentary medium-sized popcorn for every purchase of 2 movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes
  • Golf
    • Get complimentary green fees at more than 40 golf clubs in Singapore, as well as in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia; the offer is good for both principal and supplementary American Express Platinum Card holders
  • Dining
    • Get 50% discounts on foods offered by over 60 restaurants island-wide
    • Complimentary membership to exclusive American Express programmes on Dining; these programmes are The Far Card programme (where you can get special deals at restaurants inside selected elite hotels) and Love Dining programme (where you can get 50% discounts at selected elite restaurants)

Reason 3: Points = NO Expiration Date

With the American Express Platinum Card, points do not expire. So, if you let your points stay in your account for years, they will stay there. This means that you have all the time in the world to earn them. You can save up on points and redeem rewards that are much more valuable.

The redeemable reward items are more than 250 in store! You can choose from different categories. You can go over the Travel, Dining, Health and Beauty, Shopping, and Golf sections.

Reason 4: Assistance, Protection & Insurance

Do you need help of sorts? The people behind American Express can come to your rescue.

As an American Express Platinum Card holder, you are granted peace of mind. Wherever and whenever, you are a valued customer. You can easily ask for assistance (financial and otherwise) from the credit card company.

The American Express Platinum protection offer:

  • You can contact American Express anytime for any credit card-related concerns; it is a feature that goes in line with the American Express Global Assist
  • You will receive prompt notifications in case of any fraudulent account activity; if something doesn’t add up during regular monitoring, American Express will contact you
  • You get complimentary travel accident insurance

So, Is the American Express Platinum Card Perfect for You?

For Singaporeans, the American Express Platinum Card benefits are outstanding. With all the special privileges, it is as if you’re living the dream. You get huge discounts and you get protection. You get to choose from a bounty of redeemable reward items, too!

If you’re the type who loves going out for entertainment and relaxation, American Express Platinum is perfect for you. When you use your credit card, it’s like the more that you spend, the better.

A minor issue with the American Express Platinum Card is the above-average income requirement. Before sign up, you should present proof of SGD $50,000 minimum annual income. For those who belong in the middle-income class, the American Express Platinum requirement doesn’t seem to be in favour of them.

Then again, the above-average income requirement is not surprising. As you can understand from the aforementioned benefits, the American Express Platinum Card offers open the door to a first-class lifestyle. If you can afford the income requirement, applying for the card seems right. Visit the American Express website to get started.

What do you think of this particular credit card offer by American Express? Feel free to share your thoughts about the card in the comments section. If you think American Express Platinum is worth recommending, go ahead and tell others about it.


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