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About ZUJI Travel
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Zuji Singapore

Do you love travelling and want to discover every inch of beautiful places around the world? Are you looking for hot flight deals and a trustworthy travel agency? Zuji may just be the answer for you! With Zuji, all the travelling dreams you have will be fulfilled. Travel around the world with Zuji!

Are you the adventurous type of person who wants to immerse yourself in the unique experiences different countries and culture can bring? Would you like to taste mouth-watering dishes in Thailand? What about learning the amazing history of China? Or maybe you would like to soak in the atmosphere at the fabulous and awe-inspiring beaches around the world? Nothing is impossible with Zuji. When searching for travel agencies, it is wiser to select one with high credibility, and Zuji proves just that. Zuji operates throughout the Asia Pacific region with online travel sites across  Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. For over 15 years - wherein they started in 2002 - Zuji has sent holiday makers and travellers on 2.5 million trips successfully. 

Want to experience great service and find the best travel deals? Zuji offers low-price packages and deals that won’t hurt your budget. Everything will be settled with Zuji, so think no further. Grab the chance now and start your holiday planning with Zuji.

Ever wondered how the name “Zuji” was created? “Zuji” originated from Mandarin / PinYin words which mean ‘footprint’. Zuji company’s other objective is to help you create your journey, maximise your experience, and create lifelong memories. 

Put your holiday plans in the hands of Zuji, and experience the fun that is like no other! 

Why should you put your faith in Zuji? Because Zuji strives to make holiday-planning convenient and hassle-free for you. For starters, your holiday needs are all in one place, which saves you the trouble of coordinating travel details across different companies and websites. Currently, Zuji has connections with over 400 airlines and 150,000 hotels, car hires, and insurance companies. 

They also make sure to show commitment to the customers and ensure their availability 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means that Zuji is ready to answer queries and help with any of your issues anytime, anyday.
Finally, you can make your travel plans on the go, whether it be on a computer or through Zuji’s app. Now you don’t have to worry about sudden travel plans since you can settle them through Zuji anytime and on any device.

You may be thinking of cheap flights and travel locations you can visit as you plan those long weekends ahead. Zuji has hot deals periodically that is definitely friendly to your budget.Below are some examples of the awesome deals Zuji offers. Visit their website to learn more or to look for other great deals. Do not miss this opportunity and book a trip to your desired destination now!

One challenge when planning for vacation is looking for different itineraries and the appropriate hotels to stay in, since there are so many accommodation options these days. Don’t want to fuss over hotels’ comparison? Don’t worry, Zuji has the solution for you. On their website, you will see that the deals they offer include not just the flights, but also the hotel where you can stay. Here are some examples of bundle packages Zuji offers:

Visit Zuji’s website every month and do not miss their promos and grab it right away!

Zuji offers different flight promotions from time to time, but you will have to be quickly because these promotions have limited seats. Make sure not to miss them and use this opportunity to save you more money. Having discounted prices on flights to your desired country isn’t an everyday affair. Zuji also knows that 5-star hotels may not fit into every traveller’s budget. That is why Zuji’s objective is to help people plan their vacations while keeping to their budgets. 

With Zuji packages, you can choose the type of holiday you prefer, be it one with more adventures, food hunts, culture immersion, nature or shopping. If you are a MasterCard user, you can use it for Zuji coupons to get discounts off your packages. The deals are 8% to 10% off, so don’t miss out on such money-saving opportunities. 

Manage your booking and check-in with Zuji!


Zuji’s partnered airlines include Cathay Pacific, Jetstar, Silkair, Singapore Airlines, and Thai Airways. With some of these award-winning and popular airlines, you can even choose your seats when you do online check-in through Zuji. This also gives you the convenience of printing your boarding pass ahead of time so that you won’t have a frantic rush at the airport on your departure day. By partnering with these reliable airlines, Zuji strives to give assurance to their customers with these top-notch services. 

  • Create an account with Zuji and get access to Zuji deals and offers
  • To manage your booking, open so you can choose your preferred airline. Each airline have its own website, so you can book your trip to their special offers
  • Through your account, there will be a confirmation on the airline booking you make 
  • To find your unique air ticket booking reference number, check the email from Zuji which contains your travel informations and booking itinerary details. 

What are the steps to do the booking?

  1. Search what type of flight you require, whether it is a return or one way flight. 
  2. Compare different airlines so you can pick the cheapest offer you could get. 
  3. When you are finished choosing your flight, review your choice before entering your email and clicking ‘book now’. 
  4. Enter the necessary information for yourself and all other passengers together with you. 
  5. Click “Pay Now” with your preferred payment method. Using your MasterCard is the easiest choice of payment with Zuji.
  6. When you are done with the steps above, proceed to the confirmation page and confirm that your booking is successful.  

Be stress-free! Go on your vacation with Zuji’s help, and everything will be alright. 

As we mentioned above, Zuji is located not just in Singapore, but also in Australia and Hong Kong. With the help of the members in different countries, Zuji is able to serve its customers better. Planning a vacation is not an easy task, especially if you are often bogged down by work, yet need that break out of the country once in awhile. You can count on Zuji to simplify your holiday planning for you.

Visit Zuji’s website today to see the wide selection of holiday plans Zuji has in store for you! There is something for every type of traveller, and with a sharp eye, you can even claim some fantastic promotions. Why wait and look any further for travel deals when Zuji can be the answer for you?