Best 6 Credit Cards in Hong Kong for Online Shopping

Best Online Shopping Credit Cards in Hong Kong 2017

With online retailers such as Amazon dominating the global market, its no surprise people love online shopping. The sheer convenience of ordering online outweighs any benefit going to retail store. The main problem with it, however, is payment and it is important to know which card you will use for such transactions. In any occasion you will find that some give more benefits towards your specific lifestyle and others much less so. That is why we’ve made it easier for you and listed them all for you below.

Credit Card Offer
CCB Eye Credit Card 5X Bonus points reward program
Bank of China I-Card 10x Online Purchase Reward Gift Points
CitBank Citi Clear Card 2% Cash rebate on online spending
Standard Chartered Asia Miles Asia miles for online transactions
Hang Seng Credit Card Online spending privileges
China Citic Bank Motion Credit Card 5% Cash rebate for online transactions during the first year

1. CCB Eye Credit Card

The CCB Eye credit card is not a stranger to people who love to spend money online, thats why they are focused on online shoppers with incentives such as a reward program that offers additional points for every onine transaction.


  • No annual fee
  • 5X Bonus Points Reward Program
  • 5X Bonus Points by using Visa payWave

2. Bank of China I-Card

With the I-Card, its main gist is the reward gift points you can accumulate for online spending and use it to redeem air mileages or cash coupons, all the while enjoying the fun of shopping.


  • 10x Telecom retail transaction reward gift points
  • 10x Online Purchase Reward Gift Points
  • Up to 10 HK$ spending reward for App Store or Google Play with over HK$ 1,000 in spending
  • Online shopping privilege card
  • Annual fee waiver for first two year
  • Perpetual annual fee for additional card

3. CitiBank Citi Clear Card

The CitiBank Citi Clear Card offers a cash back system for your online shopping, with up to 2% cash rebate, your online purchases can reward you back your money than you do spending it!


  • Up to 2% cash rebate on online spending
  • Free concierge for US and UK online purcahses, plus up to 20% off shipping
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free movie tickers and priority bookings on entertainment shows
  • First year annual fee waiver

4. Standard Chartered Asia Miles

The main benefit of this card is in its name, and as it suggests, you get asia miles which can be redeemed for travelling or converted into other rewards from Standard Chartered. Think of applying for this card if you want to get those travel miles!


  • Welcome offer of 30,000 Asia miles for spending HK$37,500
  • 10% rebate for tax refund of $325 or above
  • HK$4 = 1 Asia Mile for dining, online and overseas transactions
  • HK$6 = 1 Asia Mile for local transactions
  • Additional HK$2 = 1 Asia mile for dining at designated restaurants by Asia Miles

5. Hang Seng Credit Card

Among the five other credit cards, the Hang Seng offers the basic package of a credit card but with additional benefits focused solely on online shopping. With participating online stores like Asos and Macy’s you can enjoy cash dollar rewards with the MasterCard traveler rewards!

  • 3x Cash Dollars Reward
  • MasterCard traveler rewards
  • Online spending privileges
  • Hang Seng credit card rewards program

6. China Citic Bank Motion Credit Card

The CCB Bank Motion credit card is ideal for people who prefer to test having a credit card at their dispoal as this one has a 5% cash rebate for online transactions only on the first year. With the first three years, the annual fee is waived so you do not need to worry about additional expenses.

A welcome offer of the three choices given are a luggage, a vacuum cleaner, or a $300 cash rebate awaits you should you choose to apply now.


  • Exclusive 0.55% Basic Cash Rebate Rewards Program
  • HK$180 = HK$1 Basic Cash Rebate
  • Tap & Go function
  • First 3 years annual fee waiver
  • Up to 57 days interest-free repayment period
  • Card Cash-in program

Final thoughts

With the emergence of the online world comes with the online market, and having a credit card with the right offer can provide you with the enjoyment that comes with shopping. From the list above, think of the main benefits each card gives and weigh the advantages and disadvantages each one provides, as they all give awesome deals!

Do you have any other cards you can suggest for online shopping? Write it down on the comment section below!

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