How to Get a Credit Card in Hong Kong

Applying for a credit card in Hong Kong

Credit Cards in Hong Kong

As we know how credit cards had helped a lot of people with their bills and other financial transactions, you might as well wonder how to get one if you’ll ever be in a city full of business establishments like shopping centers and that’s always been recommended for travelers, a place like Hong Kong, the world’s best city in terms of banking and trading.

Choosing what credit card to get could be confusing and, especially that we usually tend to think, in advance, that our credit card applications will just be denied because most banks nowadays are strict with individual’s application for a credit card. There are lots of different deals offered by different banks for the credit card holders to enjoy. So to narrow it down, here’s a list of credit cards from the four big banks in Hong Kong with some information on how to apply for them:

HSBC Visa Signature Card.

A credit card that goes with a lot of promos and special offers, HSBC Visa Signature Card lets the cardholder enjoy discounts on dining or shopping anywhere in the world. To apply for this credit card, HSBC requires new applicants to have at least an annual income of HKD480, 000 or minimum assets of HKD600, 000. If you can qualify, then you can apply for HSBC Credit Cards by online application through this link.

It will take you to the HSBC Credit Card Application page. Select HSBC Visa Signature Card. If you wish to apply another HSBC credit card, you can apply more than one card at a time. Then, fill out personal information and other details. Next is choosing optional enhancements which are likely instructions you want for your credit card to be. Just read them all carefully because there will be lots of options you will choose from. Then, review your application on the confirmation page then click on submit application. If you want to apply through phone you may call them through (852) 2233 3777.

Standard Chartered Credit Cards

If you’re up to earning points while spending, then choose Standard Chartered Credit Cards. It has four types of cards: Standard Chartered Asia Miles MasterCard, UnionPay Dual Currency Card, Visa Platinum / Platinum MasterCard and Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card. All cards offers  360° Reward Points on every purchase you make. The rewards you earn are transferable to other cards, personal or other cardholders’. They also offer an ‘Instalment Credit’ Program where you can convert your available credit to cash. To apply, you must be 21 years or above and earning S$30, 000 per annum. Click here to apply

Public Bank (Hong Kong) Credit Card

A credit card that offers more on its bank privileges than its promos although Public Bank (Hong Kong) offers a welcome gift to every successful applicants of their credit card. Their deals are major turn on in terms of credit card options. They offer exclusive privileges like cash advance service, 4-hour Global Emergency Assistance Services, Insurance Service, etc. You may apply for their credit card through this link.

Citi Prestige Card.

For travelers who love getting discounts from their hotel and travel expenses, Citi Prestige Card is a good alternative. They have yearly bonuses, promos and other special offers, mostly for travelers, which you won’t benefit from other credit cards. You just have to be of legal age and earning a minimum of HK$600, 000 annually and file an application through this link.

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