DBS-Woman's MasterCard

Woman's MasterCard

On DBS's Secure Website

Card Details

  • Earn 5X DBS Rewards Points on all online purchases
  • Enjoy priority booking status every time you book a Comfort and Citycab taxi with your DBS Woman's mobile app
  • Keep fit twice monthly with complimentary access to selected True Fitness Centres and True Yoga Centres islandwide


  • Get around 1.5% of transaction value back in rewards when you online shop


  • After the first $1000 spend a month, reward point earnings drop to 1X

Signup Bonus

Receive up to S$80 gift vouchers when you meet a min. spend of S$500 within the first month from card approval date.

Card Summary

The DBS Woman's World Mastercard is the standard version of the two Woman's cards offered by DBS.

The card gives 5 DBS points for every $5 spent when you shop online. (We estimate 10 DBS points to be worth around 15cents, which adds up to an equivalent of 1.5% "cash-back" on your online shopping) Take note that for online shopping, after the first $1000 spend a month, reward point earnings drop to 1X.

Points aside, this card gives ladies 2 complimentary visits to selected true fitness centers every month + other benefits if you decide to join as a member.

The bottom line: A great card for online shoppers who don't mind tracking and redeeming credit card points. The 1.5% reward value is decent, and we like the complimentary access to true fitness centres.