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5% OFF
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Get 5% off travel activities with your HSBC Credit Card
  • Verified
  • Expires in 8 months

  • 7 used

This promotion is valid for purchases made from Singapore only. If the booking is cancelled, the coupon code will no longer be valid for use.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

10% OFF
No Card Required

Get 10% off on all bookings
  • Verified
  • Ongoing

  • 1000+ used

KKday offers 10% off on all bookings. The promotion is ongoing.Get the promo code at the checkout to get the offer.T&C apply. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

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12% OFF

Enjoy 12% off selected travel activities in Taiwan, Japan and Korea
  • Expired 1 month ago

This promotion is valid from now till 29 February 2020. Travel by 31 March 2020. This promotion is valid for OCBC credit cards.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

10% OFF

Get 10% off Kkday travel experiences
  • Expired 1 year ago

KKday offers 10% off travel experiences. The promotion is available for bookings and travel until 31 December 2018. Enter the promo code at the checkout to get the offer.T&C apply.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

10% OFF

Get 10% off hot-sellers from Korea, Japan and Taiwan with Maybank cards
  • Expired 1 year ago

kkday offers 10% off hot-sellers from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan with Maybank cards. The promotion is valid from now until 31 December 2018. Get the deal to enjoy the offer. T&C apply.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

5% OFF
No Card Required

Get 5% off on selected activities, including: Hong Kong, Japan and North America
  • Expired 1 year ago

KKday offers 5% off on selected activities, including Hong Kong, Japan, and North America. The promotion is available until 31 December 2018. Enter the promo code at the checkout to get the offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

No Card Required

Get up to 20% off selected activities
  • Expired 1 year ago

KKday offers up to 20% off selected activities. The promotion is available until 31 December 2018.Enter the promo code at the checkout to get the offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

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Every traveller has their quirks—some prefer the quiet stillness the outskirts bring, while some would rather be right in the heart of bustling cities. Whether you prefer lounging within the comfy confines of your hotel; digging into the best foods the city has to offer; or even climbing the highest peaks—how would you like to take your trips to the next level? Boasting over a million total travellers and over ten thousand travel experiences spanning over five hundred cities, KKday is committed to connecting travellers with authentic local tours and activities, or experiences if you will. With several offices in countries like Taiwan and Singapore, as well as a dedicated team of travel lovers, KKday is well-equipped to bring you the best a country has to offer all on one platform.



With so many other sites and platforms offering packages and offers of the same vein, it’s unsurprising if you’re cynical of KKday. Built by a community of travellers, you can be assured you’ve the stamp of approval from your fellow travellers. KKday also works with the most trustworthy and credible service providers (with their own system of checks and due-diligence!) on top of thoroughly testing and checking all of the experiences they bring to the platform with their team of travel specialists so you don’t have to worry on the quality of these experiences.

Founded in 2014 by Ming Chen, Frank Chen, and Steven Ho, KKday is one of the leading e-commerce websites in Asia which allows individuals all over Singapore to book tours from all around the world. They offer tours of 170 amazing cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, New York, Paris, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and more! Because the site is created by travel lovers and travel experts, you can sit back and be rest assured that you will be assisted to the best of the KKday team’s ability. KKday has unique local experts, as well, which means you’re sure to be getting the ins and outs as well as the full experience of the city you choose to travel in.

TIDBIT #1: What’s interesting about KKday’s review system is the review-reward system they have in-place for their travellers. For every review left for any used KKday purchase (a minimum of US$50 and exclusive of tickets, Wi-Fi devices and SIM cards), travellers are rewarded with a US$10 coupon code. With such an incentive, you’re likelier to find honest reviews from fellow travellers on KKday’s wide range of experiences/products. This surely alleviates the whole ‘Is it a scam?’ ‘Can I trust this to be true?’ debate travellers are constantly troubled with when making travel purchases like these.


Booking a local tour is as easy as pie, and very secure at that! All you have to do is select the country you wish to book a tour in, choose your city and product type (ranging from tours, tickets, drivers, pick up services and a private guide), minimise your choices by selecting a specific price range, select the tour duration and you’re good to go! Look out for our tips and tidbits throughout this KKday article to help make your KKday booking experience even easier!

Easily browse through KKday’s range of experiences/products with either their search bar (by destination, activity or interest!) or through the many categories (think: ‘Nightlife in the City’, ‘Historical & Heritage Tours’, ‘Explore the Great Outdoors’) you’ll find on their homepage; the latter more so for the traveller who has yet to know what they want! All of KKday’s experiences/products are neatly organised so that you don’t have to manage with browsing semantics.

TIDBIT #2: Clicking KKday’s search bar will reveal a list of popular destinations—handy for sneaky future travel planning (shh!)

TIP #1: Not all of KKday’s experiences/products can be instantly purchased as some require a second confirmation. Good to keep an eye out for the thunder icon by the title if you’re looking for last minute experiences!

If you’re not big on categories, searching by destination will list all the available experiences/products on KKday. With bigger countries like Taiwan, South Korea and even Hong Kong and Macau, one of the available filter option (top left corner of the site, right under Taiwan as shown below) is to view available experiences/products via region. Other filter options include the dates you’ll be travelling; type of experiences/products (more categories!); budget; duration; and available language. If you need inspiration, KKday has a couple of categories for you to pick and choose from.

TIP #2: While language and currency can be set as per your preference, payments can be made in TWD, HKD, and JPY. However, please note that KKday only accepts TWD when paying via credit card and USD when paying via Paypal.

TIP #3: With most booking sites, be sure to create an account so that your checkout experience will be seamless. If you’re a novice user of sites like KKday, don’t fret! The KKday experience is a well ordered one from the moment your search begins to the very last moment of your experience choice so you’ll never have to worry about getting things wrong.

Upon deciding on your experience, you’ll be presented with a listing of its details: from duration (where applicable) to the number of travellers who have booked it, you’ll have all the information you’ll need. All experiences are paired with visual aids such as videos and photography so if you need a bit of egging on in the form of visual play, look no further.

TIDBIT #3: Big on wishlists and curating your perfect getaway from home? KKday offers a wishlist system so even if you’re not travelling anywhere anytime soon, that shouldn’t deter you from dreaming up your next jet-setting moment!

Once you’ve keyed in your desired package with your respective travel dates and quantity, you’re one step closer to achieving a kick-ass itinerary. You’ll be brought to a confirmation page, which’ll require your details (both buyer’s and traveller’s) and payment details. If you’ve a KKday promo code or discount code, simply enter it in before proceeding with payment. Et voila, your KKday transaction is complete! (yes, it’s that straightforward!) For orders with instant confirmation, you’ll receive details (tickets, if applicable, included!) pertaining to your experience swiftly (dare we say, right after) upon the completion of your order.

TIDBIT #4: When you’ve completed your experience and have left a review (a second reminder just because it’s too sweet a deal to let up), simply head over to your account to have an overview of your KKday discounts and codes, which includes its validity dates—useful when you’re planning your next trip!

Staying, eating and exploring like a local has never been more attainable thanks to the latest technology advancements. Sharing and exchanging information with just a click has made it easy for both you and us to bring new meaning to discovering all the gems a city have to offer. With KKday, you’ll have every viable option mapping areas across the world all at the end of your fingers.

For all of you hungry for new travels with a local twist, keep checking this space as Cardable continues to bring you the best KKday promo codes and KKday deals in town.