OCBC-Infinity Cashback

Infinity Cashback

On OCBC's Secure Website

Card Details

  • BONUS 0.2% cashback for new-to-OCBC cardmembers.
  • 1.6% in cashback all year round.
  • No minimum spending required or limit to the cashback you can earn.
  • Cashback credited automatically.

Signup Bonus

First 2,000 whose OCBC INFINITY Cashback Card is approved each month to earn bonus 0.2% cashback for the first S$3,000 qualifying spend charged to your new card monthly, for 6 months from the card approval date.

Requirements (Min Yearly Income)

  • Local $30,000
  • Non local $45,000

Card Summary

The OCBC INFINITY Cashback Credit Card is a fuss-free unlimited cashback card that allows you to earn 1.6% cashback on both local and foreign currency. Like other unlimited cashback cards, there is no minimum spend or cap. All cashback earned will be automatically credited to your OCBC INFINITY card account.