Shopping Promotions

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Shopping Promotions in Singapore

If you have a number of credit cards like most Singaporeans do, finding the best shopping credit card promotions by looking through all the bank websites can be really troublesome and hardly simple card promotions by looking through all the bank websites can be really troublesome and hardly simple at all.

Cardable thus offers a collection and list of shopping promotions at your fingertips to help our customers find suitable ones for them in the easiest way possible. We collate promotions from all banks in Singapore, as well as deals for membership cards. Thereafter, we rank the deals according to their value so our customers know which deals are of greater value. Lastly, we sort them according to different banks and sub categories – clothes and shoes, home and furnishing, IT and gadgets, online shopping and others. We provide filters for you on the left to sift out the ones you’re looking for in an easy manner. For those looking for something more specific, search for your favourite brands such as Nike, Amazon, Sony, Canon, Apple and many more.

Shopping can be a huge part of our monthly expenses for us urbanites, so getting the best saving deals is important in cutting down our expenses, keeping within our budget and increasing our savings. With our list of promotions, find deals for anything – be it furniture for a new home, make-up and accessories and other beauty products, sports supplies, daily essentials at local supermarkets, clothes and basic necessities. Not to forget online shopping deals with establishments such as Daigou, Taobao, Zalora, Groupon and many more.

To further help customers save the trouble of doing their own background research of each establishment, we have included a short description so they can immediately understand the service or products provided without scrawling through other websites for more information.  Locations are also included so customers can easily find out if the shops offering these shopping credit card promotions are located near them.

In fact, Cardable not only hopes to help you, our shopping customers, search for deals for your favourite brands, we hope to help you discover more great shopping deals and discounts that you can enjoy all year round for any occasions.