Travel Promotions

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Travel Promotions in Singapore

The web indeed is an informative reliable source of information for travel credit card promotions, but often it is such a mess of information that many do not know where to begin looking for these travel deals. Sometimes, we even have to manually compile a list of promotions that we are eligible for. Forget about scrawling through banks websites and promotions to find suitable travel credit card deals, Cardable compiles all those promotions on one platform to save time and effort for our customers. Travel promotions can range from flight and hotel room discounts, hotel and tour packages, complimentary meals, promotions for short getaways to Bintan or Bali and many more. With numerous deals spread over many companies and websites, we pull out promotions from all the banks, use our own uniquely formulated algorithm to rank them according to the best value deal they can give our customers. In additional, we sort them according to different banks and sub categories – hotel and tour packages, online travel, staycation and others. We provide filters for you on the left to easily sift for the ones you’re looking for. For those looking for something more specific, search for your favourite brands such as Jetstar, Scoot, Tiger Airways, Cathay or Singapore Airlines for flight bookings; Chan Brothers or Shan Travel for hotel and tour packages; or Agoda, Hotel Club or Skiddoo for online hotel bookings. Travel promotions can save you a great deal of money, especially if you have wanderlust and travel expenditures are a large part of your annual expenses, so getting the best saving deals is necessary to cut down expenses, save more and keep within monthly budgets. With our all-inclusive list of promotions, find your ideal holiday promotions – be it the best beach holiday to escape the urban life, an affordable peaceful villa to relax, or a top luxury hotel to feel like a royalty.

To further help you understand the promotions and get the best ones, each establishment is described in brief for customers to know the type of travelling experience the deal offers so that our customers do not have to click and open various websites to find out more about the types of hotels or tour agencies that will serve them. Cardable hopes that our customers will have a seamless fuss-free experience in finding the best credit card promotions for their travelling experiences with greater savings and enjoyment.