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CNY Sale: Enjoy SGD10 off with a minimum spend of SGD50
  • Verified
  • Expires in 5 days

  • 254 used

Qoo10 offers SGD10 off with a minimum spend of SGD50 on CNY sale. The promotion is vali duntil 28 February 2019. Get the deal to enjoy this offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

$18 OFF
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Enjoy S$18 off minimum spend of S$100 at Qoo10 CNY Fair 2019
  • Verified
  • Expires in 1 month

  • 22 used

Qoo10 off S$18 off minimum spend of S$100 at Qoo10 CNY Fair 2019. The promotion is valid from 18 January to 28 February 2019, enjoy more savings on your Lunar New Year festive shopping using your Maybank Credit Cards. Limited to the first 1,500 redemptions, Capped at 2 redemptions per Qoo10 UserID.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

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Enjoy free S$10 coupon with min. S$70 spend
  • Verified
  • Expires in 1 week

  • 184 used

A customer who holds a HSBC credit card (except HSBC Corporate card, and HSBC Debit card) issued by HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited (“HSBC”) in Singapore (such HSBC credit card, a “Card”) as a credit cardholder and whose credit card account is in good standing with HSBC over the entire Promotional Period (as defined below) and at the time of fulfilment (as determined by HSBC at its discretion) and who fulfils these terms and conditions (such customer, a “Cardholder”) shall be eligible to participate in the promotion (“Promotion”). This Promotion is valid from 1 to 31 January 2019 (both dates inclusive) (the “Promotional Period”). The S$10 coupon (“Coupon”) is valid with a minimum spend of S$70 in a single transaction, limited to 1,000 redemptions. Cardholder must enter the first 6-digits of your HSBC Credit Card into the link (www.qoo10.sg/hsbc) to retrieve the coupon, which will have to be applied at the checkout to enjoy the Discount. Coupons are redeemable with HSBC Credit Card payment upon checkout. Coupons are applicable for single use only and not exchangeable for cash. The coupons can be stacked with other shop coupons that are being offered by individual shop sellers. Coupons are not applicable for items on Time Sale and Daily Deal. Coupons are valid from 1 to 31 January 2018, or when 1,000 redemptions has been used, whichever is earlier. HSBC is not the supplier of and accepts no liability for the goods and services provided by the Merchant involved in this Promotion. The Merchant and HSBC reserve the right to vary any of these terms and conditions, or to withdraw this Promotion, at any time in their discretion without prior notice. All information is accurate as at time of publishing or posting online.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

No Card Required

Qoo10 Promo: $150 Gift Card
  • Verified
  • Ongoing

  • 4659 used

Valid only for all new Citi Credit Card holders.. Apply now and receive a gift voucher as you spend!. No promo code required.. T&Cs apply.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

Promo codes you missed


Get $10 coupons when you checkout with Mastercard
  • Expired 3 weeks ago

Qoo10 offers $10 coupons when you checkout with Mastercard. The promotion is valid for every 2000 redeemers every Wednesday. Get the deal to enjoy the offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.

$6 OFF

Enjoy $6 off with a minimum spend of $60 with UOB cards
  • Expired 3 weeks ago

Qoo10 offers $6 off with a minimum spend of $60 with UOB cards. The promotion is valid until 31 December 2018. Get the deal and enter the promo code at the checkout to get the offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.


Get S$10 Qoo10 coupon with minimum S$50 spend with UOB cards
  • Expired 1 month ago

Qoo10 offers S$10 coupon with minimum S$50 spend with UOB cards.The promotion is valid 04 April 2018. Get the deal now to enjoy the offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.


Get $20 free coupon with Mastercard
  • Expired 11 months ago

Qoo10 offers a $20 free coupon with Mastercard.The promotion is available until 14 February 2018. Get the deal to enjoy the offer.. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.


Up to S$20 discount coupons
  • Expired 1 year ago

Valid till 31 December 2017. Limited to the first 2,000 redemptions every Wednesday at 2pm, capped at one redemption per Cardmember per month. Minimum spending requirements applies differently to each denominations of coupons:. S$2 coupon value requires a minimum spend of $9. S$3 coupon value requires a minimum spend of S$22. S$5 coupon value requires a minimum spend of S$45. S$10 coupon value requires a minimum spend of S$90. Coupons are valid for 30 days after date of issue. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, including Time Sale, Group Buy, Daily Deal, Qchanceand other Events. All discounted items cannot be purchased with this coupon pack. Enter promo code at checkout to enjoy coupons.. Promo Code: <First 4-digits of Mastercard>. Please always check with the merchant on the validity of the promotion before purchase.


There is this saying that anything you need under the sun, you can get it at Qoo10! Well, with it's huge range of products, various Qoo10 coupon codes, credit card discounts, special Qoo10 Mastercard coupon and flash deals, it is no wonder that Qoo10 is well-loved by Singaporeans. As Asia's leading online marketplace, this is one platform that provides a highly secure and convenient shopping experience as long as you have an internet connection!

From latest fashion trends to cool household appliances, baby products and even delicious cakes for any occasion, Qoo10 provides a massive range of products from across Asia and Singapore, delivered right to your doorstep. You can buy almost everything here without having to leave the house!

Previously known as Gmarket, Qoo10 is often being referred to Singapore’s version of ebay or Amazon. However despite its popularity, some might feel that the site can be confusing to navigate, especially with the various Qoo10 coupons, MameQ, Qpoints, Roulette Q and more. Check out these tips to best ultilise your Qoo10 coupon for the best savings!


Time Sale & Daily Deal

The Qoo10 Time Sale & Daily Deal are special periods during the day or week where prices are largely discounted. Items discounted during time sale and daily deal are not eligible for any stacking of coupons. Only Qpoints and Qmoney can be used upon checkout.

Mame Go Chance

These are items whereby you can bid using the Mamemons that you have captured in your account for a heavy discount. This is largely dependent on luck though some Qoo10 coupons might not be applicable for use with Mame Go chance items.

Group Buys

Qoo10 Group Buys used to be heavily discounted items base on a large quantity of buyers purchasing a single product so there is a chance that the deal could fall through. Good news is that nowadays, most sellers set the baseline of bulk orders to be as low as ‘one’ so you can buy with ease and not be worried that the deal would not be fulfilled. 


Shop Coupons

These are coupons released directly by the respective sellers, and often require a minimum spending amount. Shop coupons are to be used at the very first step of all your coupon stacking. 

*Pro tip: It might be worthwhile buying an item when it is not on time sale or daily deal, simply because it allows you to stack more coupons, which might bring you bigger savings.

Cart Coupons

These are coupons issued by Qoo10 directly for you to draw. There are two ways to draw cart coupons. The first is issued to all members each month, and depending on your membership tier, you could draw up to 4 coupons per month. These coupons typically last for 2 weeks. The second will be via coupon events that the site holds, and are generally a better deal than a membership cart coupon due to a lower spending limit. These coupons typically expire within 3 days.

*Pro tip: Be patient when it comes to event coupons. They generally rotate every 2-3 days, ranging from S$3 off S$25, to S$6 off S$30. One of the largest denomination we have seen so far is S$100 off S$400 spent, which is great for buying big ticket items such as robot vacuum cleaners.


These are special credits that Qoo10 rewards you with, and there are a variety of methods to attain them. They are normally given as an incentive for confirming your purchase delivery, or for writing feedback for the items you bought.

You could also win Qpoints via the daily Roulette Q event, checking in to the event daily, or exchange it with Qstamps or Mamemons. The downside to Qpoints will be that you will need a large amount of Qpoints for it to be worth something. 100 Qpoints is worth S$1, and with a recent update to its policy, you can only use a maximum of 500 Qpoints in each purchase, not exceeding 30% of the cart’s value. Q points will expire within 6 months.


This is Qoo10’s form of currency, in which you could withdraw back to money. There are only a few ways to get Qmoney, mainly transferring credits from your Qoo10 gift card or by topping up money into your own account.


Mastercard Event

From now till 31 December 2018, you can get free S$10 Qoo10 Coupons when you check out with a Mastercard every Wednesday (Limited to the first 2,000. T&Cs here)

Mame Go

Mame Go is Qoo10’s version of Pokemon Go. You can catch fictitious characters known as Mamemon on the site. Once captured, you can exchange these cute characters for Qpoints, or to be used to bid for Mame Go chance items.

The cute icons below the pricing shows the type of Mamemon needed to bid for the Mame Go chance items.

Shop on the Qoo10 app

You can shop on the two different Qoo10 apps: Qoo10 Mobile and Live 10. There are however no discerning differences between them so it’s up to you whichever you fancy. Qoo10 often gives out cart coupons specially for its app users, including an additional $10 cart coupon for its Live 10 app users.

Roulette Q

Playing the daily Roulette Q is by far the best and easiest method to gain all of the above rewards. All you’ve got to do is to check-in daily, with each check-in granting you 1 ticket to spin the roulette wheel for great prizes. On every 6th day of the check-in, you'll get a bonus that comes in the form of additional Qpoints! 

Still unsure of how to maximise your savings while shopping on Qoo10? Read on for a walk-through on how you can stack your Qoo10 coupons and more.

Step 1: Always do your homework beforehand. The item that we chose is currently on Group Deal promotion.

Step 2: Apply the seller’s coupon. This was a 20% discount coupon that could be added to the Group Deal item.

Step 3: Don’t forget to stack your cart coupon if you qualify for the minimum spending. The coupon used here was from the Qoo10’s monthly membership incentive.

Step 4: Remember all the effort you put into spinning the roulette and catching Mamemons? Now is the perfect time to use them to offset your Qpoints.

Step 5: If you’re lucky to have some Qmoney in your account, don’t forget to use them just like normal cash.

Step 6: Complete your purchase. As you can see, there is a more than 50% savings (including shipping) on this purchase! Doesn’t it just make you more excited than ever to shop on Qoo10?

So each time you have something to purchase on Qoo10, don’t forget to come by Cardable for the latest Qoo10 coupon code, credit card discounts and flash deals update!